Ninja Gaiden DS: The Itagaki Agenda Vol. I: DS Development

Why is the new Ninja Gaiden coming to the modest DS hardware?

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Kotaku4086d ago

I believe they could have made it also on the PSP now that the new system
sold lots of them at JP

HeartlesskizZ4086d ago

it would have better graphics on the psp but then again the Neo-want2be
does not want to do anything with sony right?

ItsDubC4086d ago

I agree that the screen really needs to be vertically-oriented given the limited screen real estate of handhelds. Jumping is a much quicker movement than moving side-to-side, and the vertical orientation prevents the view from having to pan excessively.

That being said, I think creating the game for the DS was the right choice. Of course the PSP can do better graphics but he already stated that the PSP was just a handheld version of a home console so if he wanted to create a game focused on great graphics, he would just make an NG game for the home consoles instead.

cooke154085d ago

I am REALLY excited for this game, it looks like team ninja has done a masterful job with converting Ninja Gaiden to DS and using its features wisely