IGN: Apple iPad 2 Review

The iPad 2 is superior to the original in just about every regard, all the while maintaining the same pricing and model structure. Though the software is a little rough around the edges (for now), the price may still be a challenge for some, and its built-in cameras leave much to be desired, its slimmer design and powerful new dual-core A5 processor give the iPad 2 a sleek new look and a sizable performance boost that will draw techies and mainstream audiences alike.

Apple is sure to face some stiff competition later this year with the emergence of new Android 3.0 tablets, but with these latest updates and the exponential growth of the iOS app platform, the iPad 2 is certain to remain the predominant tablet device.

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hiredhelp2653d ago

im sticking with my ipad 1. love it just spent £430 on it.