Kinect Aids in $4 million Research Into Mental Disorders

The University of Minnesota has saved more than $100,000 in research funds by using the Xbox 360 Kinect to aid in research on the diagnoses of mental disorders in children, according to a Minnesota Daily and AP report.

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cliffbo2628d ago

is this about iron deficiency?

fr0sty2628d ago

typo. that said, the medical field is one area that could probably benefit from tech like kinect a good bit. glad to see it being put to good use.

bluwulf2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

The University's Center for Distributed Robotics developed a video monitoring system that uses several Kinect cameras mounted around a room. The cameras take video of children playing and sends the video feed to software which sorts the data and presents it to doctors.

So they bought Kinect's and used them as Video Cameras.


Thats almost the same thing as using a console as a super computer to crunch #'s. /s

@ 4 million. Thats how much the Research Project costs...

they saved 100k dollars buying webcams(kinect) to monitor the kids, instead of other more expensive cameras.

the footage is sent to their software, and the software does all the work.

Thats because its a camera.

gamingdroid2628d ago

I believe it is the ability to track a person in 3D and skeleton map it for analysis of what is going on. The depth information makes it much easier to discern objects in video feeds than a standard webcam.

If you could use any standard webcam, don't you think a professor would have figured it out?

There are plenty good resources online (try Google) for more information about what Kinect can do that standard webcams cannot.

TheKindRoost2628d ago

I'm steel trying to figure out the headline

Biggest2628d ago

Why did Kotaku say $4 million on their headline and then $100,000 in the article? Either way. . . I support anything that lowers costs for research hospitals. They need all the help they can get.

TheKindRoost2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

No I was referring to the typo he made before this was approved Original title " Kinect Aids in $4 million Research Into Metal Disorders" notice "metal" same case for the guy above me cliffbo

Biggest2628d ago

Ahh! I was lost in general though. I don't see how $4 million can equal $100,000 with or without Metal in the headline. At least now I understand cliffbo's comment. The change was made before I saw this topic. lol

FailOverHero2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

The whole research, costs $4 million. Using Kinect helped the researchers save 100k.
"And the Kinect replaces what would have been a more than $100,000 system designed to essentially do the same thing. That system would have also required attaching sensors to children, rather than monitoring them mostly unnoticed."

gamingdroid2628d ago

You got it!

Although the title is misleading the way it is written to indicate something else.

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NeloAnjelo2628d ago

LOL. Apologies for the mistype.

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Lamarthedancer2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

Is this some how Microsoft trying to top Sonys good deed since they also sent money to Japan and now this

DelbertGrady2628d ago

Then you know nothing about Microsoft and their charity programs.

v1c1ous2628d ago

boy i sure wish we had mods in this scum filled place called n4g

FailOverHero2628d ago

So now everytime some company uses some microsoft tech to do whatever, it's just MS trying to one up SONY?? Never mind that this has nothing to do with microsoft, never mind that this has been going on since way before the tragedy in Japan, no Microsoft are just trying to one up Sony. Ok. I feel as retarded as you sound after having just replied to your comment, I truly do

Lamarthedancer2628d ago

Oh shut up and stop being so serious, I was just having some fun. I know what people are like on here and they get so worked up over nothing,'ve just proved my point AND trying to call me a retard aswell, you have anger issues, it's just a comment on a forums site not the end of the worldl...moron ¬¬

Blad3star2628d ago

I hope you burn in hell for your comment.

Lets forget that this about helping kids.

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