Call of Duty: Black Ops in 1 of 8 U.S. Households

Last week word went out that Call of Duty: Black Ops has officially become the best-selling video game of all time, with 13.7 million copies of the game sold in the United States alone.

So how many people exactly is that?

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CaptainPunch2565d ago

Just wait till next year. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in 2 of 8 U.S. Households.

SixZeroFour2565d ago

just say 1 of 4...makes it sound even more sad lol

Brash_Attack2565d ago

My prediction for MW3: 5 of 4.

SixZeroFour2565d ago


wtf...i hope you meant 4 of 5, or else i certainly hope there arent more copies sold than there are households in USA when this releases

Pixel_Pusher2565d ago

All I know is I won't contribute to those fuckin' numbers.

fear882565d ago

I think this kind of proves that the sales argument is not one of quality but a quantity of idiotic consumers and marketing.

I mean the Iphone just surpassed the 100m sold mark and we aren't celebrating it as a quality gaming platform either.

And if you ask me I would rather play a game that takes some discernment of quality and appreciation rather than a cop-out on marketing.

Hell we have plenty of examples of diamonds in the rough with last gens Beyond Good and Evil.

MasterChief36242565d ago


iDevices may not have started out as premium gaming platforms, but over the years the App Store has evolved much more.

*whips out a rocking chair and monocle*

Back in my day, games that blew people away on the App Store were things like Flight Control and Pocket God. Seeing such accurate touch capabilities on display was quite the experience. Over the next year or so, games were still situated in that "pick up and play, quick spurt" category.

Concurrently with this stagnation of evolution for the App Store, there were several independent developers working on special games that blew past Flight Control and Pocket God in terms of gameplay and longevity. Rocketcat Games with Hook Champ, bitforge with Orbital, and even Cyan Worlds ported over Myst to the systems eventually (and most recently Riven).

Unfortunately, these games that helped evolve the gaming style of the App Store did not do as well as you might expect. Games like Flight Control still dominated the charts. However, what they meant for the app store is the most important thing. They helped spark what I personally call the "App Store Renaissance". This was a period in which the App Store matured from a lowly $0.99 maraketplace for quick hit games, and grew into a much more competent gaming landscape. It took a while to get going, but I think Rockstar's porting of GTA: Chinatown Wars was quite important for this. It proved that you could have premium games on the App Store that were as good as other handheld systems.

Gameloft is also to be commended, their seemingly endless stream of ripoffs be damned, because they also proved that you could enjoy near-console-quality games on the iDevice.

When at first we had games like Pocket God and Flight Control dominating the landscape of the App Store, we have now been graced with true console-quality games, and just a few examples of these games:

Aralon: Sword and Shadow
Dead Space
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Shadow Guardian
Infinity Blade

There's always going to be the argument, "Physical controls will always trump touch controls", and I am in agreement with this for sure. I don't think you can ever have the precision necessary without a tactile feel with your controls. That being said, however, I do feel that iDevices have developed very nicely into much more competent gaming systems than it seems a lot of people give them credit for. Don't let Angry Birds and Cut the Rope fool you: there is an entire subsection of the App Store that is growing like a rolling snowball that proves gaming is possible on a touch-screen device.

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norman292565d ago

Say what :O its in 1 of 8 U.S. homes? Has someone been round to search these 8 homes yet? If anyone has any info on what house to look in call us on 0800 pile of shit 24 75 (calls cost £1.50 and all the money goes towards making a better game)

callahan092565d ago

Am I the only gamer in America who didn't buy Black Ops?

Ducky2565d ago

Am I the only gamer here that thinks BlackOps was actually decent?

It probably isn't worthy of being in 1 of 8 households, but considering the game-time I've gotten from it, it wasn't exactly a bad buy.

callahan092565d ago

I dunno if it's any good or not, I just feel Call of Duty'd out. I've played a new CoD game every year since 2005 when Call of Duty 2 first came out. Then 3, then 4, then WaW, then MW2, I just didn't feel interested in it anymore when BLOPS came out.

farhad2k82565d ago

It's climbing in yo' windows, crushing your other games up, tryna rape em', so you better hide your PS3, hide your 360.. and hide yo' PC coz it's raping everythang out there.

HolyOrangeCows2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

13 million is 1/8 households in the US? I'm not so sure that's accurate.

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Montrealien2565d ago

sucks being a marginalist, dont it?

Balt 2565d ago

Not in mine it's not. And proud of it.

Montrealien2565d ago

not having a videogame you dont like in your household makes you proud? Does not take much I guess.

MidnytRain2565d ago

I think the pride comes more from the fact he didn't give his money to what many consider a lazy and greedy company - that and the fact he didn't give in to the most popular thing. We must have iron will! Like... Batman.

TheBlackSmoke2565d ago

LOL @ all you haters in denial about what I was saying earlier.

"buh buh teh pokemon, teh wow, teh mario"

MidnytRain2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

What are you talking about?

EDIT: Whoops, you'll have to PM me, I guess. Lol.

M-Easy2565d ago

lmao that edit was funny

Tex1172565d ago

That really is amazing.

And what is even more amazing is that I have never played it or own any other FPS.

Brash_Attack2565d ago

That's because FPS became obsolete after Cooking Mama was released.

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