Securom and Dragon Age 2: RYG Responds

Rebecca of Writes:

"Some of you who may not have heard of Reclaim Your Game until last week, especially when their servers became overloaded and the site went down, were skeptical. Did they really test the retail version (since it was well known the pre-release press copies would have SecuROM)? Did they really test the game thoroughly, or were they simply trying to slander EA/Bioware? Lisa Pham, CEO of Reclaim Your Game and SecuROM specialist, responded to these questions, clarifying their testing process. EA/Bioware also reached out to them regarding the situation, and issued a public notice, which you can read here."

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rrquinta2684d ago

I was relieved that removing SecuROM doesn't disable the game, but it's still disappointing that it was included (without self-uninstalling) without any notice in the first place.

theherp802684d ago

at least there's a solution now

TheLiztress2684d ago

True. I think it would have been worse if you had to have it installed on your computer just to play it.

darksied2684d ago

I think a lot of the confusion is coming from the name "SecuROM." When people see that, they think back to the crap DRM that caused some harm to computers just by being installed. This is a different kind of DRM which is only for a release-date check, if I read the Bioware responses correctly. So this is not the same as what a LOT of people are assuming. Like the article says, you can still play the game without any of that crap installed.