We Know Gamers - Killzone 3 review

Did someone say Killzone? Remember Killzone 2, with the amazing graphical content that left one at awe and managed to tap into the ‘potential’ of the PlayStation 3. It did however have some issues; the first thought that comes to mind with any FPS is the famed Call of Duty series. Killzone 2’s controls however, felt clunky compared to the CoD series, and although there was some ‘weight’ to the character, it felt slightly un-responsive.

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Maddens Raiders2631d ago

well.. not it in my mind.

KILLZONE 3 is a beast.

liban-ali2631d ago

I agree, Killzone 3 is beast!! However if you think globally wise Call of Duty is more recognized which is a shame really.

Istanbull2631d ago

Man I'm so enjoying Killzone 3, the more I play it the more I get addicted to the multiplayer!

HOSe2631d ago

i like the game and all but - it lags on all three game modes, really bad on warzone - pretty bad on operations - and marginally on guerilla warfare. plus operations needs more maps.

liban-ali2631d ago

Hmm... really? I didnt have a problem when I played it. You may want to check your connection or it could be the area you're in.