How Android stole a Gamers thumbs for the Xperia Play (Video)

After the weird Xperia Play commercial surfaced during the Super Bowl commercials, ever wonder how Android got those thumbs to play on the latest Gingerbread phone to be released by Sony? Well a guy reports to what seems to be the police on how he lost his thumbs. Too bad, he wont be playing with the Xperia Play anytime soon.

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tunaks12686d ago

these adds don't make sense,
did I operate my phone with my feet before?

NeloAnjelo2686d ago

Thumbs for gaming... as in for the face buttons on a controller.

On smart phones a lot of people use their index finger to type and touch.

tunaks12686d ago

in the image below, thumbs are used to play. I don't own an ios device but a lot of games i see developed for it look like they utilize the thumb. I just realized how far im looking into this :S

NeloAnjelo2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

These Adverts are great! lol