Is 2K Sports Developing A New Arcade/Xtreme Sports Game?

Ian Fisher writes: I honestly don’t know why we’ve seen the decline in extreme sports games, perhaps it can be chalked up to being a so-called fad of the late 1990s/early 2000s, but we could see a comeback in some form via 2K Sports. Uncovered by the Superannuation blog (honestly does that dude ever stop?), a recent job posting for 2K Sports was made searching for a UI artist for an upcoming XTREME Sports game. And yes, the listing did in fact list the genre verbatim as XTREME Sports. I got to love the classic spelling of my favorite alternative sport genre in all its simplistic but marketing speak glory.

Anyway, the job posting sadly doesn’t give any hints as to the nature of the game aside from the basic job requirements, which honestly aren’t interesting unless you plan on applying for the gig. Seeing as how 2K Sports California/Visual Concepts is responsible for the NBA 2K and MLB 2K series, it could be possible that we could see an arcade b-ball or baseball game that for some reason was given the XTREME Sports moniker.

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