EA Games Boss: 'We Love Fox News'

Whether it's Bulletstorm, Mass Effect or the Taliban in Medal of Honor, Electronic Arts' titles have drawn the ire of Fox News commentators, but perhaps that's actually by design. Getting national attention for a video game, even if negative, is a major win for a gaming company. Stirring the pot is a tactic that's paid off for many firms, and EA Games label head Frank Gibeau fully acknowledged to IndustryGamers that he likes controversy.

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ANIALATOR1362659d ago

well it's free publicity i guess

donniebaseball2659d ago

Right, EA gets major national marketing. What do they care if Fox slams their game? Most of the people watching the program wouldn't buy the game to begin with, but it gets those people talking about how "awful" the game is and the word of mouth about the brand spreads.

Yi-Long2659d ago

"... Misinforming and brainwashing the stupid since 1996"

Ducky2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

If FOX slams a game, then that actually makes me want to buy it.

Gotta say, so far they've recommended me some great games, including GTA and MassEffect.

LiL T2659d ago

@YI-LONG LOL funny cause its true. Only idiots that have no clue would disagree with that FACT.

VenomProject2659d ago

@ LiL T

I didn't know morons like you still existed in today's modern society.

Everyone that watches FOX is brainwashed and stupid? Fact?

Give me a fucking break. Lmao

The only "fact" is that you're an idiot for throwing the word "fact" around so flippantly.

LiL T2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

@Venom So you are one of those Fox watchin tool bags then?
Facts are facts dude I didnt make it up and the Fact is if you "BELIVE" what FauX new s says then you are an idiot.
Edit : OF course what I said was fact, I posted it on the web, people agree, hey look now its a fact. Thats how Faux news does it isnt it. Oh yeah my comment didn't have fear mongering in it.

VenomProject2659d ago

@LiL T

Ah, does your ignorance know no bounds? I appreciate the laugh, guy. FACT.


LiL T2659d ago

No it doesn't , your welcome FACT and thanks for wasting your bubbles on this ignorant mofo.

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Fireseed2659d ago

Any publicity, is good publicity!

But one thing I hate is that they take advantage of it and then buckles under their pressure.

Eamon2659d ago

That picture of Bill O'Reilly is funny.

Actually, any picture of Bill O'Reilly is funny.

SeraphimBlade2659d ago

EA, I'd buy it if you grew some balls and actually named the enemies Taliban in MoH.

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