The Quest Log Episode 1: Bioware In Question

The Koalition flexes its ‘nerd-core’ muscle to bring you this new podcast centered around Role-playing games. Role-playing games are beginning to please such a niche audience now a days that we felt it was necessary to create a show based solely around this area of gaming.

So whether you have an appreciation for dungeon crawlers, space adventures, MMO’s or JRPG’s; this is the show for you.

On this show:
- Gary A Swaby (A loyal Dragon Age: Origins fan) gives his impressions on Dragon Age 2.
- We discuss the future of Dragon Age. Where can the franchise go next?
- Patrick explains why he thinks Star Wars The Old Republic MMO will flop.
- Are Bioware losing their touch or is EA pimping them?

Potential Dragon Age 2 spoilers. Listen at your own discretion.

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