El Shaddai : PAX East playthrough Video

New gameplay video for the action game made by Ignition

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RyuDrinksTheDew2561d ago

love the art style, but im still not 100% sold on the gameplay.

need to get my hands on a demo!

Lavalamp2561d ago

Awesome! I think this is the first build I've seen of the game with English voice-overs. All of the other vids had Japanese voices with English subs. Makin progress! Having both language tracks is a nice addition to an already appealing game. Can't wait to play it!

Flexatron2561d ago

More original games like this one need to be made.

Fullmetalevolust2559d ago

I am already sold on the environments and the ambience the game seems to carry. Great development team behind this and great track record on their part, I am extremely looking forward to it, could be a good change of pace from the games coming out this summer.
This vid showcased more variety in terms of combos and moves, hopefull there's more to come. Glad they included the japanese voice tracks as well.