Destructoid: In Which I Break Down Why Homefront's Plot Is Impossible

The plot is based around a unified Korea rapidly rising to become a new superpower in the Far East and invading the United States, and is written by the guy behind Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now -- John Millus.

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thorstein2537d ago

Me: In which I break down why no one should speak in absolutes.

NewMonday2537d ago

The N.Korea thing alone turned me off this game, it's not sci-fi or fantasy, it's supposed to be close to reality fiction. Why didn’t they just make it China, who will be a big force worldwide after 20 years, even if the US doesn't decline?

Tikicobra2537d ago

I watched an interview in which one of the developers said that the invading country didn't matter, and that it was more of "this could happen" situation, although not necessarily with Korea.

zootang2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

North Korea, lol. Iran or Israel would have been a lot more exciting and risky.

ddurand12537d ago

thats why video games arent real life.

i can tell youre serious though, which is unfortunate.

yog-sothot2537d ago

"China, who will be a big force worldwide after 20 years"

Do you live in 1991 ? ^_^

China is already a "big force"

NewMonday2537d ago

I mean big like the Soviet Union was and America is today, they are not big yet, and their army maybe big, but military industry and tech hasn’t caught up to Russia or even Brittan and Franc yet.

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TBM2537d ago

who cares from what ive played so far im enjoying it more than black ops story wise.

TBM2537d ago

at a friends house who has a modded system. he asked if i wanted to try it and i said sure i only played like the first hr or 2.

Jack-Pyro2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Please tell your friend Pirates are scum of the earth, kthnksbye.

TBM2537d ago


my friend doesn't care what others think so there's no point in telling him anything.

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M-Easy2537d ago

I'm pretty sure 99.5% of all video games plots are impossible.

siyrobbo2537d ago

im pretty sure earthworm jim is based on true events

M-Easy2537d ago

Well duh that's based on a true story, that's where the .5% comes in. I personally liked the book better, that autobiography really hit close to home

Kon2537d ago

Resistance is a possibility.

Jack-Pyro2537d ago

Uhhhhh, no, no it's not....

thorstein2536d ago

What!?!! Noooooo!!!! Dead Space?! Mass Effect!?!! You take that back! Take it back!

(sobs uncontrollably) Take it back!

Johandevries2537d ago

In which I break down how it is highly recommended to include Destructoid when taking out the trash

joeorc2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I mean not all writer of review are aligned an they have their own opinion, but come on Nitpicking the story?

do people not play games to just to enjoy the game anymore, we see this enough in the movie critic's now we have gamer reviewer's doing the same


"I understand that I'm nit-picking at a plot for a first-person shooter, but if we're to argue that videogames are art, then that means the story needs to be held to higher standards than we previously had. If you're going to write a story with alternate history, make sure you do your research. You pick a divergence point from the world's timeline, and go from there in a relatively plausible manner."

that's the thing about alternate time line's they can be anything you want them to be!

ever watch slider's or DR. who?

anything can an indeed does happen!

Biggest2537d ago

I agree with you, joeorc. But I will point out one thing that was said in the article. He made it a point to question his questioning of a FPS game's plot. I think this was more of a Killzone 3 defense (they gave it a high score) than anything. I agree that FPS plots are damn near retarded and should be taken with a grain of cocaine. I also agree that alternate time lines are meant to be whatever the hell you dream them to be. No one was crying about Resistance's alternate time line.

joeorc2537d ago

100% agreement

No one was crying about Resistance's alternate time line.


why would it matter if it does not adhere to what someone thinks it should be but what ,the creator made it that way, it was his choice, you may not like it but saying why you disagree with his take , when he created the plot is kinda pointless, it's his plot!

that's why i really just play the game to play it for the enjoyment. of playing it for the experience.

trying to draw out a logical expansion of a real life plot can slow the story down, maybe that's one of the reason's he did his story the way he did. I really don't question it because he's the story writer.

it's his story. now i may enjoy other's or i may enjoy his story more than other's that does not mean i did not enjoy his or their work.

it seem's too many want to be overy critical instead of just enjoying the game an play it. I know it's his job to be critical, but I think there need's no entertainment critic's at all I think everyone can make up their own mind what's fun an entertaining for themselves.

that's the way i feel about movie critic's also, i can decide for myself what i like i do not need a critic to tell me what "they" think is good or not.

madjedi2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

@biggest Here is the problem rfom history split takes place yrs 60 before the game begins, an "alien"virus mutates humans in to chimera.

The chimera are faster than humans can recover from mortal to human wounds, show very good adaptation to using new military techniques and manufactured technology that is far more advanced than what humans have created.

This why i and others have no problem with rfom timeline shift, nk taking out the us is beyond retarded, if the game has a basis in reality at least come up with reasonable story.

At least when red dawn was released the soviet union was still a potential threat to the usa, if they had picked a reasonable enemy like china 90% of the people wouldn't be complaining.

If you can get beyond the retarded plot, knock yourself out people, it's just to stupid to me.

A unified korea, yeah the north will have to do total regime change first.

zoks3102537d ago

Who cares, it's a video game, there is all ready fictional warning that we are all aware of, we don't need any more explanations. I hate it when people just don't get the reason behind a sifi or fictional plot, be a book, movies, or game, we know it's impossible to have this happen.

BlueRevolvuR2537d ago

Yea honestly. That's like saying one day, Locusts will pop up from the ground and enslave the human race.

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