3DS Demo Event: Reactions and First Impressions (

Eric of Writes:

"This weekend, Nintendo sent the 3DS on tour to many locations around the U.S., hoping to give everyone a chance to check out their newest portable device. I was able to head over to San Francisco’s famous Pier 39 to get some hands-on time with the 3DS and also got some fan reactions to their first experience with the handheld. The verdict: it was a mixed bag, with some people loving it right away and others being very skeptical."

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rrquinta2409d ago

I am jealous. I really want to see the 3DS in person, but it looks like I may not get to until it's in stores... which may be a while after launch if it's the same as it was with the DSi XL... :(

StbI9902408d ago

Until zelda that is, I´m going to wait too.

TheLiztress2409d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing one in person either. But I know that even if I do, it's not going to be a must-have purchase for me. I'm still getting plenty of use out of my DS Lite.