Kotaku: 45 Minutes With Star Wars: The Old Republic, My First MMO In Four Years

Stephen Totilo: On Saturday, at the PAX East gaming convention in Boston, with reckless little preparation, I took a 45-minute bite of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I asked the Old Republic reps to watch me closely, to treat me like I was an infant and tell me everything to do. I only crashed the game once.

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tunaks12631d ago

I still cant get past the fact that the cg trailer is more interesting to watch then the gameplay.

Maybe because I'm not into MMOs, but dam those trailers hold my attention more then gameplay does :S

MaideninBlack2631d ago

Lol. Sounds like Square Enix's MMOs. Exciting opening movies and cutscenes. Slow, unappealing gameplay.

sjaakiejj2631d ago

Just wish they had continued the Knights of the Old Republic franchise, instead of creating an MMO..

The gameplay feels slow, and I'd not be very likely to play it for more then a week..

DimSix2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

how do people like this get to play secret multi-million dollar games before everyone else?

who could glean anything about the game at all from reading this when he says things like "I probably tapped the 5 or 6 key, if that counts"