Microsoft to Donate $2m to Support Relief Efforts in Japan

SegmentNext - "Although company’s official support tweet may have been perceived wrong, it doesn’t mean they aren’t committed to the ongoing support relief efforts in Japan after the massive human tragedy. Microsoft today has come out to make an initial commitment to donate $2m to help support ongoing relief efforts and much more!"

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hellzsupernova2561d ago

every bit helps! good to see mircosoft supporting japan.

zootang2561d ago

After the shameless event ealier on, you would hope so.

limewax2561d ago

Im not going to go into a debate about earlier, but considering the money MS rake in, $2 million does sound a lot more reasonable than a measly $100,000. Which may sound like a lot but is a very small fraction of the funding they will need to recover from this

zootang2560d ago

Sony donated 3 times this. They are a Japanese company so you can understand.

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Bounkass2561d ago

I hope they're not doing this just to over-do Sony's donation... That would be SUCH a fail...

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DavidMacDougall2561d ago

Either way i'm sure if the hungry cold japanese people won't mind.

fr0sty2561d ago

i'm definitely not trying to downplay the importance of helping... we all need to be helping somehow. i just still have a really sour taste in my mouth from that stunt they pulled earlier with the bing promotion controversy.

DelbertGrady2561d ago

I don't think so. Microsoft and in particular its founder Bill Gates has a history of making much bigger donations.

Last year MS employees themselves gave $96 million in charity.

Bill Gates topped that by giving a small sum of $10 billion for vaccines for children. It's the world's biggest ever single charitable donation.

Dorwrath2561d ago


MS gave 55 million during and after hurricane Katrina

FailOverHero2561d ago

That comment is made out of pure fail and retardation

mushroomwig2561d ago

Would that be such a bad thing? At the end of the day the money will still help people in Japan, so regardless of Microsofts motives it'll still be going to a good cause.

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Thecraft19892561d ago

If they can spend 500mill on kinect advertisement why could not spare bit more ? I'm sure billion would not go miss so maybe 100mill or just 50mill but 2 mill is shameful for company with billions.

FailOverHero2561d ago

How much are YOU giving?? Not a single dime. If these companies gave out 100's of millions everytime there was a disaster, they'd have very little left to give. So far they've given 2.1 million. Maybe you should give a dollar to EVERY worthy cause before you go judging people.

Capdastaro2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Kinect = Microsoft product
Japanese earthquake/tsunami = Not Microsoft product

Sony, Toshiba, Toyoya etc have billions too, I don't see them donating billions either.

The large majority of aid comes from different countries with aid relief which most countries set aside for situations just like this.

radphil2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

@Capdastaro Did it occur to you that they're trying to repair stuff themselves?

Overall topic: Everyone's struggling at the moment so anything helps.

Honestly if it was a PR backlash or not, that still helps in this time.

Edit: See right now another donation was set up:

Capdastaro2561d ago

Japan is a country with a serious cash flow problem... the only reason its not worse is because they are paying their country debt with low interest

Honest_gamer2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

well every penny help im sure the japanese goverment would be happy getting any amount of money so far the gaming industry has givin japan just over 8million $ if what i read saying both sony and nintendo gave 3million $ each, people on here bringing arguments about the xbox and playstation are just sad 100's of people died and 10's of thousands are missing leave the fan boy stuff somewhere else! god i sure fell bad for all the people made homeless ummm im going to cancel my homefront preorder and donate that £45 to a charity helping japan

Arkhamz2561d ago

Same, I was gonna buy a ps3 but I donated the £200 pounds instead for the relief efforts in japan. I figured that money would benefit them more than me lounging about on my sofa playing videogames.

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