Dead Space 2: Severed Review [Game Revolution]

"If you've only played Dead Space 1 and 2, you'll have no idea who Gabe and Maxine Weller are. Severed won't help." ~ Daniel Bischoff

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dbjj120882563d ago

The only good Necromorph is a dead Necromorph.

Quagmire2563d ago

Yes, because its not rape if they're dead :P

stormeagle62563d ago

So...who are Gabe and Maxine Weller?

AngryHippo2563d ago

I think they are from the dead space game on nintendo wii. Don't quote me on that though, I may be wrong.

GabeTheFatPrincess2563d ago

Coreect, Gabe & Lexine Weller are from Dead Space: Extraction. Extraction is available on the Wii, and on PSN. You can also play it off the Dead Space 2 Limited Edition disc for PS3.