PAX East 2011: Errol Confronts Hip Hop Gamer

In an attempt to work out their differences, Errol confronts Hip Hop Gamer in person.

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SockMaster2628d ago

I dont like his articles, i judging from this he seems like a complete idiot personally i dont think i will ever watch his stuff now.

But then again i dont know the full situation like 100% I didnt pay that much attention!

Errol James2628d ago

I was hoping to resolve everything that day so that the only part of the story that mattered was us being able to work out our differences, but no. The police just told me to stay away from him. Done

SockMaster2628d ago

Ah Fair Enough, I Saw that article about your beef and something about the representation of black people in the industry, whilst i agree that the article is "continuing" the "beef" i think the last paragraph is very true, im glad you sorted your business out.

Im probably willing to give him another chance now that i have thought about it, if the content is good...the content is good!

Errol James2627d ago

My door is always open if dude wants to talk. I'm not gonna go out of my way to meet up with him though