Halo 3 better than everything?

Gamers love Halo. Gamers also love to hate Halo. More than anything, however, gamers love to argue about Halo. Is it overrated or underrated? Is it the best shooter ever, or the worst? Is it better than Shooter X and Shooter Y? Or does Shooter Z totally blow it out of the water?

GamesRadar get a major kick out of watching these pointless but hilarious flame wars rage. So, in an immature effort to toss extra fuel on the fire, they decided to expand the debate a little. Who says Halo 3 is merely the best shooter? Could it perhaps be the best Game of all time?

Halo 3 is better than... Warhawk?
Halo 3 is better than... Crackdown?
Halo 3 is better than... Resident Evil?
Halo 3 is better than... Twisted Metal?
Halo 3 is better than... Shadow of the Colossus?

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GoLeafsGo4091d ago

..but it is NOT the greatest game ever.

MarioFromTexas4091d ago

Ask the 6 million people that bought Halo2 and didn't have xbox live...They would be the only one's to tell you how Halo's universe stacks up to other games base on story....We all know the reason Halo is great and that's because of Multiplayer. I play halo2 alot almost as much as socom. But when I play the single player it doesn't even come close to God of war, Ico, Re4, shadow of the colousas. No offense to Halo fan's but if you think the story on the campain is great, you haven't played many single player games. Multiplayer it's the best FPS, shooter... I like how Socom is setup better but it's just a preference no pawn intended.. Is Halo3 a 10/10 not even close, but you have your fans that they rate the multiplayer game and forget that alot of people don't play online. Just to show you how bad reveiws are, more than 1/2 the people that bought halo3 don't play online...So is the single player a 10/10? You think about that..Review the game as a whole not just the parts that you like about it!!!!!!!

MADGameR4091d ago

I've been wanted to say this for awhile straight up so Halo fans can realize that.... #1 Halo 3 had an ok story line, atleast a little better than Halo 2. #2 The hype was created from Halo 1 although Halo 1 is worth the hype because IMO Halo 1 is the best in the series so far. #3 There are things I dislike about Halo 3. Lastly, Halo serious will always be more comfortable for PC IMO. Halo 3 is not the best, only Halo fans will say its the best.

andy0014091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

people who never played Halo 2 online. I did play a few multiplayer games with my friends but not very often.

I am playing the Halo 3 campaign at the moment and as its been a while since I played Halo it is interesting getting used to the quirks of the Halo series compared to other games I play.

The story seems OK at the moment. Those Cortana moments in the first few levels are annoying and don't make any sense at the moment. The scenery is great and impressive. The warthogs drive better and I like the new chopper vehicles which the enemies use.

The bits I don't like;

Why can't I peek from behind a tree, or rock, like Gears of War? Why can't I crouch down properly or even lay down like Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid, especially when I have the sniper rifle (favourite weapon)? These are the bits which have disappointed me so far, but it is early days and like I said, you have to get back into the Halo way and forget the other games as it has its own feel. I don't think it is as smooth as R:FOM either. Sometimes when moving around there is a definite 'jerkiness' I noticed.

It is not the greatest no, but I think when you add up all the different modes, and the features such as the Theater, then I can understand why it gets the high reviews, but in terms of the campaign, then it really doesn't compare to games like Shadow of the Colossus. Just what were they thinking to even try and compare it? Heavenly Sword is better so far, in terms of campaign BTW. :o)

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Venom_Blood4091d ago

You sure write about that. great game but not the best.

HeartlesskizZ4091d ago

HALO HALO HALO, when will this be over?

MK_Red4091d ago

Now, if only they could make a Halo 3 vs Neverhood or Gran Turismo video...

Seriously, the Halo madness is getting out of hand.

DEADEND4091d ago

I've been saying the samething ever since HALO 2 MK_Red.