PlayStation Store Preview – March 15, 2011

Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week? Find out in PSLS' weekly PlayStation Store Preview, complete with confirmed content, as well as a look into the future in their coming soon section.

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BigPete79782683d ago

Definitely getting Parasite Eve. Probably will get a couple of the demos tomorrow as well.

DaTruth2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Definitely picking that up too, but what the hell happened to BG&E-HD? Hasn't it been on Live for a few weeks now?

If anyone has any info! Besides Parasite Eve series BG&E is my most anticipated thing on the PSN store since MGS:PW!(I own a PSPGo)

I would prefer the Crysis 2 demo were a single player demo, as I don't get much chance to play online multiplayer lately and am looking more towards the single player experience to decide on a buy!

MaideninBlack2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

It's timed exclusive for LIVE. I forgot for how long.

DaTruth2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Thanks Maideninblack and thanks again Microsoft; that totally worked and I am on my way now to buy a 360 so I can play BG&E a month early... er, sorry... so I don't have to play it a month late!

You guys at MS are total geniuses... delaying games for anticipating gamers will totally make them love you!

Myst2683d ago

From what I'm hearing some are saying the end of this month like the week of the 28th, but not to sure as it all seems to be speculation still.

Also planning to get Parasite eve but on pay day instead [Wednesday]

finbars752682d ago

Beyond good and evil was pushed to the first week of April.Dont worry buddy im with you on that one.Parasite even hold you over until then.As for Crysis 2 demo.Blahhh.I played it on Xbox live and it was terrible and very boring.Your not going to miss out on anything there.The only game timed exclusive was Crysis2 which again MS has wasted more money on nothing.

Redempteur2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

BGE is for the 5th of may 2011 ( unless ubisoft changed it since last week)

yeah that's sucks i know ...

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dantesparda2682d ago

At what time does the store update on eastern time? And i agree with DaTruth, i prefer a single player and also dont like these types of tactics

BigWoopMagazine2683d ago

Yay, demos! Already tried MK and Move Heroes (both good), but Crysis 2 has me curious. Might pick up Slam Bolt Scrappers too, looks fun, and Parasite Eve, I always wanted to play that but didn't have money when it was released (I was ~13yrs old)

doctorstrange2683d ago

Looks really crazy, definitely picking that up

T3mpr1x2683d ago

SBS is pretty crazy. I'd best describe it as Lumines meets Super Smash Bros. meets any tower defense game. Fun though!

Spitfire_Riggz2683d ago

If it has Super Smash bro elements count me in

despair2683d ago

only problem with SBS is that its local MP only and that sucks, I don't have many people to play with locally so I would've liked to get online support. Maybe a future patch will fix it. Other than that it looks really good.

dkgshiz2683d ago

Now is the time to make friends.

despair2683d ago

lol I have the friends its just not exactly easy to get them together to play games, schedules and other things usually don't leave a lot of time to play co-op or competitive local MP for any game.

sickbird2683d ago

nice finally get a chance to try out crysis 2 on ps3.

finbars752682d ago

Sorry to break everyones heart but the Crysis 2 demo sucked.I played it for a bit on the Xbox live and it was not as good as Crytek said it was going to be.Good luck on playing a shitty demo guys.This game is more of a PC game then a console.

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