MotorStorm: Apocalypse video 'Waves of Mutilation' spills into reality as tsunami strikes Japan

Playstation Universe shows some poignant gameplay footage of a tsunami level in Motorstorm Apocalypse, which shows why Japan may have decided to delay the game, and Europe and North Amercia may follow. Sensitve footage contained in the video.

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a_bro2682d ago

yea, delaying it was a good idea over there. it would of been messed up and very controversial if this was to release now.

zootang2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

This will sound terrible but shouldn't. Sony did a pretty good job with realism. It looks just like the aftermath of the Sunami in Japan.

zootang2682d ago

LOL! I should have noticed that it was in the title. Shame!

TreMillz2682d ago

Honestly i think Sony should just release the game at a later time, July wouldn't be to bad because think about it March has move heroes and other goods, April has SOCOM 4 which for NA release is a week from each other(MS:A April 12, SOCOM 4 April 19) which to me is just terrible of SCEA for putting 2 exclusives near each other, May everyone is going to flock to L.A Noire for sure and possibly Brink, June has inFAMOUS 2. So to me i wouldnt mind seeing it reappear in July.

ian722682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

I think they shouldn't ban it. If you watch the video its not a tsunami, its just tornado's/Hurricanes and storms near a coast. Its the wind blowing things about not a tsunami.
A tsunami is a great big wave caused by an Earthquake underwater. Where in this video do you see a tsunami?

rockleex2682d ago

Holy Buddha! That video was AMAZING!

Now I feel guilty for wanting to play this game while Japan is still suffering. :(

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Eric29292682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

What terrible timing for Sony... the video is really surreal.

Edit: Well, in retrospect, it's pretty awful timing for everyone in Japan. There is never a 'good' time for such a terrible tragedy.

Downtown boogey2682d ago

Why is the video "surreal"?
You mean there are now hurricanes and tornadoes there as well!?

Galvanise_2682d ago

Delaying the game is absolutely the right thing to do. Sony will be fine as they have many games seeing release this year.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by the recent events in Japan. Absolutely horrific news.

Crossifixxo2682d ago

Right move by Sony to delay it. I don't think Japan is going to have this game released for a while, hopefully it releases in the near future for us in the west.

Redempteur2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Just like the "real ending" of MGS2 , this content will be cut and they'll probably release the game without it.

EDIT : I'm pretty sure you can cut THIS track and throw another in his place.

Cidi2682d ago

Hard to imagine, the full game is structured around a city getting destroyed by earthquakes. Don`t think there is a specific thing to cut as that`s just the gameplay of it that everything crumbles around you.

PhoenixDevil2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Wasnt that a twin towers destruction thing, I heard of that, duno how theyd cut MS tho there are discs already out

EDIT this was a reply to Redempteur, on PS3 may have not replied properly

sikbeta2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )


I don't think they can change this part of the if the game is ready to roll out, the MGS2 Arsenal Gear crash which was part of the original plot and some other stuffs were out of the game cos of the tragedy in the WTC and the harsh situation with middle east in that time, MS: Apocalypse is all about racing while natural disasters plague all over the place

Tommykrem2682d ago

They really shouldn't cut this out of the game. While it's likely that less people in Japan will be buying apocalyptic tsunami games in the near future, a game shouldn't remove it's content just because something has happened recently. What happened in Japan was a terrible tragedy, what happens in MS Apocalypse is in now way an attempt at recreating the events in Japan, and they should show that by not removing content from the game.

If MS apocalypse actually had taken place in Japan, and there had been more focus on the tsunami and less on racing, I might have to reconsider my opinion though. Difficult stuff. But still, no removal please.

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