Bulletstorm, is Epic’s shooter too goofy for modern tastes? by Brash Games

As much as I enjoyed the core gameplay of Bulletstorm, I for one was put off by the overly goofy sense of humour that somehow still plagues any attempt to inject comedy into the first person shooter genre. Was it just me or has this inability to move on from the crude humour of the mid 90’s had something to do with the relatively weak sales figures for Epic’s latest shooter?

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Cajun Chicken2626d ago

We'll see. Duke Nukem Forever, Serious Sam 3: BFE, Prey 2 and probably not long to get announced Doom 4, even Rage may 'feel' like an old school FPS. I'll still put my bet on the old school FPS returning bigtime. Bulletstorm is one of the most refreshing and fun FPS I have played for years.

Plus. Radar were saying about a possible reboot of 'Rise of The Triad' a while ago too just as the Prey rights slipped from Radar group, might hear from that too.

morganfell2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Prey 2? can't wait. Too long in coming the first time. Bulletstorm's humor felt too forced for me.

Cajun Chicken2626d ago

Oh yeah, just look it up. Prey 2 news is up on N4G already. 2012, by Human Head again published by Bethesda and it's using Id Tech 5. The engine for Rage.

DelbertGrady2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

It's not made by Epic. And imo it's a breath of fresh air in a genre where most games take themselves too seriously.

zootang2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

People Can Fly but they can't jump?

Ducky2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Jumping isn't manly.
A real man plows through any interfering obstacle.

The japanese know what I'm talking about.
(Warning: Video not safe for anyone.)

palaeomerus2626d ago

People Can Fly are OWNED by Epic as is Chair Entertainment.

anasurimbor2626d ago

It's not that it's too goofy, it's that it fails to be actually funny.

sickbird2626d ago

Not goofy, just insanely immature.

Johandevries2626d ago

The humour could have used some more originality

Cajun Chicken2626d ago

I don't care. 'Wallington P. Tallylicker' is one of the most funniest lines from a game for a long time.

Don't you giggle at the pure chaos on screen?

TheDivine2626d ago

LOL i was rollin after that one. I guess some people are too serious or just dont have a sense of humor but that was the funniest sh** ever to me.

RatherHavaBigGirl2626d ago

you know what i hate?

people who play any other fps besides cod and thinks that makes them an intellectual lmao.

joe: i like cod, i play it for fun

tim: youre automatically stupid or a kid if you play cod. i play kz3. im an intellectual

joe: kz3 is fun and im good at it but im just more of a cod guy. i like the faster pace. i mean in cod you do have to think faster and have fast reflexes. cant gauge someones IQ by what games they play anyway

tim: youre a noob and cod is for kids

joe: how do you not get punched in the face everyday?

yea x2 boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Heavy_Rain2626d ago Show
RatherHavaBigGirl2626d ago

@ Heavy_Rain

so this comment exempts me from having a girl? lolololololol. ok ok i got one for you. what do you call a man who goes pms over a lighthearted, but true, comment on n4g? HEAVY_RAIN! get it? heavy flow. ah f it

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