PlayStation Move Heroes Finally Gets A UK Release Date... Erm, Next Week!

PushSquare: "It feels like we've been waiting forever for a UK release date for Nihilistic Software's PlayStation Move mascot mash-up, the imaginatively titled PlayStation Move Heroes. Now we've got confirmation of a firm release date for Britain: next week. Uh-huh, it's due out on March 25th nationwide. Gives you ten days to put your pre-order in. What do you mean, "cutting it fine"?"

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FailOverHero2652d ago

Facepalm SONY!! What the bloody heck?? Ever heard of marketing?? Are they serious? Do they just not want to sell games?

Kon2652d ago

Sony and marketing in the same sentence? No.

diehardgamer10002652d ago

are u gonna play marketing or the least sony has the games

FailOverHero2652d ago

Are you gonna buy a game that you do not know exists? What good is a game if nobody buys it because nobody knows it is out?? By nobody I mean regular joe average gamer that does not live on this site 24/7

MrBeatdown2652d ago

Uh, you do realize Sony have been marketing this game since E3 don't you? Just because people don't know the release date, doesn't mean they don't know it exists. Next time they go to check out the game's release date, or, get this, walk into a store, they can see that it's out and just buy it.

It's not exactly rocket science. The "regular joe average gamer" as you put it isn't exactly the pre-order type that has to have a game on day one anyway.

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Cajun Chicken2652d ago

Holy S**t. Time to put that on my Lovefilm list.

Bloodyghost2652d ago


Talk about the shortest release-date-announcement-to-r elease in history.

Now I am not going to imply that the game is bad because of this REALLY short release date but come now, hopefully the game doesnt suffer from such a sudden release.

Lucreto2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

I think the Sega Saturn has that record.

I am surpised it is that quick though, the demo is not even on the store yet.

Bloodyghost2652d ago

EXACTLY! But look at the Sega Saturn, which I stubbornly forgot about, it was a fail!

It would be horrible to take all these big names and just get them all in the garbage can.

badz1492652d ago

I'm getting the game regardless but WTH Sony? I've played the demo and it's fun to play. next week? with M$ Apocalypse facing delay due to recent events, I think I'll have time for this although I'm yet to finish KZ3. - the MP is so much fun!

Lucreto2652d ago

It is a busy week that week with the 3DS, Homefront and other titles out that day.

Ddouble2652d ago

They better start advertising quick. I was thinking April not next week friday.