Hands-on Preview: Nintendo 3DS Hardware [Nintendo Universe]

Nintendo Universe writes:

There can be no denying the sheer level of excitement surrounding the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, now just under two weeks away from release. Set to revolutionise the gaming scene in a way that only Nintendo know how, the handheld system was officially unveiled at E3 2010 and has garnered a continual momentum of interest ever since as fans worldwide have clamoured to secure their pre-orders. Yet, who can blame them?

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DigitalHorror812563d ago

The hardware guts are essentially a Nintendo 64 with 3D. I am definitely getting one later but first have to have my NGP. Any word on a new Nintendo home console? I've been hearing rumors but maybe something will be confirmed at this year's E3 along with the game lineups of 3DS and NGP. It is a GREAT TIME to be a gamer!

Seedhouse2563d ago

I'm hoping that Nintendo may announce something in regard to a Wii successor at E3 this year, but not sure whether they will :(