Sony to donate 300 million Yen to the Japanese relief efforts

Today Sony announced that they would be donating 300 million Yen ($3,670,000 / £2,270,000) to help the relief efforts in Japan after the 8.9 magnitude earthquake has left the country devastated.

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mushroomwig2502d ago

Very noble! If you're wondering what that equals to;

2.2 Million Pounds or 3.6 Million Dollars.

technologymob2502d ago

You're quicker than I was ;) I just got it added to the original post but didn't have time as I was writing it.

And I agree. A really nice move; shows Microsoft how to do it!

digitaledge2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

@Technologymob: Microsoft donated $2 million in addition to the $100,000 from the Twitter thing. And they donated the $2 million BEFORE the whole Twitter 'scandal' too.

EDIT - Why the disagree? MS DID donate the $2 million.

PandemicPrawn02502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

@ planetwab.

You are wasting your time. People here don't want to know about it.

But + bubble for effort.

Silly gameAr2502d ago

Should have done that in the first place.

Brosy2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

It's not MS responsibility to donate money. Some of you people are detestible. Guess what Japan gave the U.S. when 911 happened? Not a goddamned thing. What about hurricane Katrina? Not a goddamned thing. But guess what, MS and the U.S. did donate money, supplies to the Japanese in the wake of this disaster. Point is, no one is required to do anything. If you are so up in arms about someone donating then donate your damn self.

LiL T2502d ago

@Brosy, Hey dude your ass is not a good place for your head, you tend to miss things. Here's a quote from SlimShadyn's post below
"JapanThe Japanese Foreign Ministry has said that it would provide USD 200,000 to the American Red Cross to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina. Japan will also identify needs in affected regions via the U.S. government and will provide up to USD 300,000 in emergency supplies such as tents, blankets and power generators if they receive requests from the U.S. for such assistance. One Japanese individual, Takashi Endo, donated USD 1 million from his personal funds to Katrina relief efforts"
Thank you come again (in my own voice cause im brown LOL). But seriously you should see a doctor to remove head from ass and foot from mouth.

Brosy2502d ago

How much did Sony donate Lil T?

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FACTUAL evidence2502d ago

Microsoft should consider donating. Sony might give MS an idea for an exclusive. Ziing!

kingjoker342502d ago

the hell is wrong with you.

sikbeta2502d ago

It's great to see Giant Companies helping.

Spitfire_Riggz2502d ago

Yeah goes to show they arent the evil monopolies hackers say they are. (Microsoft is close to a monopoly but Bill Gates is such a nice fucking guy).

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dangert122502d ago

SONY are amazing though this is pennies out of there jar its better then nothing...step up ms and nintendo...

My ps3 BD gave in this morning and i phoned sony exspecting to have pay for a fix i'm getting a refurbished replacement 2mz for free and they have extended my warrent a futher 3 months though it ran out in january...True story

I am so happy now i've got to wait from 8am-6pm for sony to deliver the ps3 and take my old one yeah the time sucks but i only phoned them today and there bringing it 2mz thats good customer service

technologymob2502d ago

I do own an Xbox 360, and I love it, but Sony does definitely have a way with PR and, in general, public relations.

Pretty impressive news about your PS3 too!

dangert122502d ago

Yeah sony are just like every other corp after your money but they seem to have your best intrest at heart though they really don't

thank god sony made playstation plus im sitting here switching between lead and gold imfamous and MGS 1 lol and ive saved my game saves into the cloud aswell =') guess im one of the lucky ones

FailOverHero2502d ago

Wow, is this really the place for my console maker is better than your console maker?

digitaledge2502d ago

Nintendo also donated 300 million Yen, and Microsoft donated $2 million.

dangert122502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

who said anything about one being better then the over?
and this is a comment section on a gaming blog?
its not contact japanese people to tell them how great the yakuza series is and if they can makes sure the lead dev is still alive cause i want there to be a number 5 its just a comment section that is it...JUST A COMMENT SECTION

so i will say what ever i feel relivent to gaming and sometimes not

FailOverHero2502d ago

Conceited much? My comment was aimed at 2.1 not you. And you are right, you aren't being very relevant right now

Kon2502d ago

Nice. Come on Microsoft, it's your turn

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iistuii2502d ago

People on here are tittle tattle how much money Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo are putting into aid as if it's like a contest. People are losing lives who gives a shit who puts in the most as long as they get help.

king dong2502d ago


why even bother? this site is plagued with mindless fanboys who now want their beloved company to give more than the rest.

it's f"&king pathetic the way people act on blogs4fanboys

protekjv2502d ago

good for them, my condolences to Japan and every one affected. The sun will rise again.

king dong2502d ago

well said have a bubble

nightmarex1212502d ago

Yeah i hope japan get back on their feet soon.

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