Ridiculous People’s Court Case Based Around Wii Modchip

A man recently took his neighbor to court over a dispute regarding a modded Wii. The man wasn’t upset because his console was rigged to play bootleg games. He actually wanted to download illegally pirated games for his shiny Nintendo console. Instead, the two neighbors were arguing over money, with the plaintiff claiming that the defendant was charging him too much for the modded console and holding it ransom until he paid up.

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TheSanchezDavid2631d ago

This was so ridiculous. Had me laughing the entire time. That judge didn't even mention piracy at all.

athmaus2631d ago

Haha this is hilarious! good way to get a good laugh while at work

Neko_Mega2630d ago

It just went right over that judge's head, I guess it is hard to remember every law.

SeNiLesBack2630d ago

This is old news with AND with no video!?

or my buddy would have submitted this a few days ago:

YoungKingDoran2630d ago

i agree. no link to vid = pathetic

YoungKingDoran2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

watching the VIDEO (youtube it cause its not in the "article") says that its chipped to allow a bigger hard drive... why would anyone need a bigger harddrive in the wii? theres 32gb sd cards right? thats enough for a few games at a time surely. and with the homebrew and emulators i think you can have it on an external?
the point is, WHY mod the wii for a bigger harddrive lol

EDIT: just occured to me that it was the voiceover guy that said it, and was probably just talking shit.
VO; he says he gave his wii gaming console to the defendant so he could... put a special... chip in it to upgrade the hard drive
lol, also: he's accused of being a... "gamer"

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