Walkthrough of LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Playr has delivered a new video showing highlights of the opening level of LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.
They will be dropping a new walkthrough on the game each day this week at 5pm GMT.

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Christopher2624d ago

Scene swap looks great. Graphics look much improved as well.

NukaCola2624d ago

The LEGO series isn't shovelware. I love them. Each one is such an improvement over the last. And every one is better than the previous, shish is rare a series can consistantly improve like LEGO games do. I really enjoyed the Harry Potter game, and will get LEGO HP Years 5-7 day one, like SW3, and of course the upcoming LEGO Pirates which has all four movies(great news since it's not being milked out. The 2nd Lego Indy was the first game super revamped with just one added film. They didn't milk any gameplay, as the interface was better and all, but just doing one Pirates game is super awesome.)

My Top 3 LEGO dream games are:

Lego Back to the Future
Lego Lord of the Rings
Lego Lego X-men

barb_wire2624d ago

Game doesn't even come out until March 22 and yet there's a walkthrough out for it already - wow