"Homefront's Battle Commander isn't inspired by GTA's Wanted Mode"

@XG247: We recently spoke to Dave Votypka, Creative Director/General Manager of Kaos Studios, about his upcoming title Homefront after having some decent hands-on time with the game's massive multiplayer modes.

A mode called 'Battle Commander' has a wanted level system which scores players on how 'dangerous' they are (i.e they've been killing a lot of people and someone should 'totally go and kill that guy').

Question was: "Is this taken from Grand Theft Auto?"

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Neko_Mega2685d ago

Every idea was taken from something, you just rename it and don't get sued for copyrights.

WiIIiam2685d ago

I don't care where they got the idea; it's a good one.

ASSASSYN 36o2685d ago

Grand theft auto is not a FPS war game.