Game Character Showdown - Bout #7 (Solid Snake vs. Nathan Hale / Lara Croft vs. Alyx Vance)

GameDynamo - "Intelligent, foxy, dangerous women like these always add great spice to games. Lara plays the lead lady in her Tomb Raider adventures while Alyx is the right hand woman to Gordon Freeman in Half Life -- though we’re sure Alyx would do just fine leading a rebellion on her own. Would Lara’s training outmatch Alyx’s moxy? Either way we’ll be sad to see the loser go in this great matchup."

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Criminal2684d ago

Solid Snake and Lara Croft

godsinhisheaven2683d ago

Wrong picture for Solid Snake.

dmixwell2683d ago

these fools don't know the difference between Naked snake and solid!

Lamarthedancer2683d ago

Alyx Vance....She's just got that "Im not trying to impress anyone" vibe