C&G Monthly Reviews Dragon Age II

BioWare has been on a something of a roll the last few years. Their two new original franchises, Mass Effect and Dragon Age have garnered the same success for them as their games in the Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons licensed arenas. Now Dragon Age joins Mass Effect in giving players a second title, but where Mass Effect 2 was an unqualified success in “streamlining” RPG mechanics to make the game faster and more accessible, Dragon Age II may have gone a little too far, hurting an otherwise fine addition to the BioWare stable with some questionable design decisions.

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bednet2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

This game is fun to play, solid combat, good story...but I'm a little disaponted in the dubbing down of the RPG elements, I still like the game, but it doesn't seem as deep as the first one.

Crafting seems very limited compared to DA1.
You can't equip armor on your party (that something I enjoyed in the first one)
Other Items seem to be a second thought (they even have a garbage can as an icon)
You can't zoom out as far as in DA1.

Time will tell but as it stands I preferred the first one...except for the combat.