Mega Meshes : A new AMAZING technology for 360

Mega Meshes - Modeling, Rendering and Lighting a World Made of 100 Billion Polygons

We describe algorithms to handle these multi-billion polygon assets, discuss our virtual texture streaming system, together with how to deal with common implementation issues. We follow with a description of a novel real-time global illumination solution we have developed and a survey of alternative approaches.

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mafia_pc2348d ago

This is a new engine created by Lionhead Studio , this engine use Mega Meshes for create a world of billion polygons , virtual texture streaming system (megatexture)and a novel real-time global illumination , it's amazing

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maybe they should start worrying about creating games, rather than technologies


I own a Wii, PS3 and 360 and I have yet to see any 360 game that looks better than 2007's Uncharted 1, a few come close (Gears 2, Dead Space 2, Modern Warfare 2) but none surpasses it

and there's nothing on the 360 that even comes close to Killzone 2 or 3, God of War 3 or Uncharted 2

(and that includes Crysis 2)

Jazz41082347d ago

You want to seee some really terrible ps3. Games. Take away its ability to install games and play offf the disc like almost 99 percent of 360 games and the ps3 will chug and load and chug and load. Three times more powerfull my ass.

duplissi2347d ago


you must be pretty ignorant as to how these things work...

Neko_Mega2347d ago

Nice try but you seem to not know anything about the PS3, because some of Sony's first party titles don't even need to install.

Were 360 needs to install to make loading times shorter. Just deal with the fact PS3 is better.

Wow makers of Fable doing this? Hm I would like them be working on Fable 4 then this but if they use it for Fable 4 then cool.

I just hope Fable 4 isn't glitch like Fable 3 was and I like to being to hug someone with out it being random (Just weird when kiss shows up when you playing as a guy talking to a guy).

paintsville2347d ago

wow the 360 just keeps getting better and better. I mean it's almost not fair...almost. Xbox Live, Kinect, Cutting edge console GPU, Unified 512 meg of RAM, 6 thread CPU, largest library of available games, man this machine is amazing!

frostypants2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

You obviously never played Uncharted/Uncharted 2. After the startup loading screen, you can play the entire game seamlessly from beginning to end without a SINGLE loading screen.

You throw around those technical specs yet you haven't the faintest idea what they mean. Just stop.

SkyGamer2347d ago

You do? Facts are facts and throw in 10 MB eDRAM as well.

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fr0sty2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Not a tech that could only run on 360 (the title kinda implies that), as it's a software thing (I saw no mention of hardware being used that PS3/PC couldn't easily do), however it is still really cool and I like the screens they've posted to show it off. It's limited to certain game types, as it has limitations the developers have to design around, however it's a cool tech none the less. Kinda like the "mega textures" Carmack was all about not all that long ago.

limewax2348d ago

A whole game using 100 billion polygons isnt actually that much when you put it into perspective, take many other games where we have known polygon figures and tally them together, then count in all other textures etc.

But to be honest I couldn't care less anyway with it belonging to Lionhead, I was stupid enough to buy 2 Fable games and now I will never touch another product of theirs

vishant1012347d ago

why sure they are not goty like fable 1 but they are better then 90% of games on the market it has the best replay factor imo awesome just going through again kiling people for fun

MNicholas2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

is that this technique, of using high density meshes rather than textures, is very common and nearly all PS2 games (as well as many games on other consoles and PCs, albeit to a lesser extent) used colored, high density meshes instead of textures to some extent.

It's refreshing to see a developer bring to the forefront a technique that many thought would disappear and be completely replaced by textures and pixel shaders. It's also the first time that an engine has been developed to use this technique exclusively and completely abandon the traditional rendering pipeline.

Interestingly, the PS3's Cell processor is very well suited to this technique as well due to it's raw vertex processing capability and high bandwidth XDR RAM.

rockleex2348d ago

Doesn't Naughty Dog's games like Jak and Daxter and Crash use that technique?

Or maybe I'm confusing it with something else.

Blackdeath_6632348d ago

microsoft always make promises most of them empty and others over hyped and often they claim more than they offer ( remember the scanning feature of kinect when he scans the skateboard in the add whatever happened to that?) seeing the ps3's games line up for this year dont you think knowing that microsoft loves to boast that they would of announced it earlier this year? i cant help but think that this new technology is proberbly gonna take ages to surface or it wont happen at all.

kingofhalo20502347d ago

Really? you want to talk about promises then Sony is no less than Microsoft.
I bought a ps3, tell me where is the dual hdmi 1080p output, three Ethernet ports and six USB ports that Sony touted?

Then again, you are probably one of those who jump on keyboard first and think after, that is, if u think at all

Cueil2342d ago

It's not to late... this isn't a tool that is not going to be used... it's going to be used from all future system... likely included in Visiual studio some time in the future

Active Reload2348d ago

Looks like Milo and Kate is still alive.

fantasygamer2348d ago

@ mafia_pc

comparison between Gears 2 and Uncharted 1


NiKK_4192348d ago

damn, that really puts Gears to shame, i never acually played the game, just saw some low res vids, but that's crazy, and everyone thinks that game looks soooo good? lol 2D flames and explosions, sorry, but that's not very impressive. Hopefully Gears 3 looks a lot better, because that doesn't look good

theonlylolking2348d ago


I agree with you it really does put it to shame but from afar gears looks great but up close it is meh.

ps3bestever2347d ago

WTF ?!! U1 Looks much better than gears 2! OMG !!!

Trroy2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

"this engine use Mega Meshes for create a world of billion polygons"

Keep in mind that 1 billion polygons means at least 3 billion vertices, and each vertex usually has quite a bit of info associated with it -- usually a minimum would be floating point coords (12 bytes), usually 2+ sets of texture coords (8 bytes per set, so 16+ bytes), and a normal (4 bytes). Then you'd need an index array, or set of arrays, to reference them when making polygons, and that would contain 3 billion entries, in your 1 billion polygon example, at a minimum (i.e. polygon == triangle).

Lets assume that we can compress these verts by 50%, either by reducing the fidelity of the data, or via other techniques, and lets say that we can also reduce the index array by half, for kicks.

index array:
3 billion * 4 bytes/index = 12 billion bytes
(compress to 50%) == 6 billion bytes

vert array:
32 bytes per vert, lets say, via vert sharing, there are only 2 verts per triangle, not 3 (this is actually generous... its often quoted as an average around 2.2/triangle) == 32 * 2 billion == 64 billion bytes
(compress to 50%) == 32 billion bytes.

32 + 6 == 38 billion bytes of compressed mesh data, without textures, etc. 76 billion, uncompressed. IIRC, the 360 only has 6.8 GB of storage space per dual-layer disc (which have slower streaming than the PS3's Blu-Ray -- you need single layer to be quick), and you want to have just the geometry (no textures, etc) take over 36 GB?

You might want to consider backing your claims down a little, in reference to the 360 -- by an order of magnitude, at least.

theonlylolking2348d ago

What you said is the truth but really a bit harsh dont yah think?

You did not need to call them xbots or crush there dreams of the 360 proving it can do uncharted 2 graphics.

Also gears it does not seem like you are shooting 2 guys 10 max at one time.

SasanovaS19872347d ago

if this was indeed what they make it out to be, alan wake wouldnt have suffered how it did. end of story.

2346d ago
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Dlacy13g2348d ago

LOL...I love the D'bags that are disagree'ing with you posting a link to the presentation about this very topic. Apparently what you have posted is fake somehow and made up just to stab at fanboys .

gcolley2348d ago

i think it is because they would rather go over the same old tired PS3 vs xbox rubbish than comment on what the actual article is about.

bailoutbenny2348d ago

Who cares about megameshes and outdated triangle rasterization? The future is ray tracing voxels. Go Go GPU!

gcolley2348d ago

anything that can bring something to games should be welcome to most gamers unless you just like to talk about future technologies all the time with no real substance to your comment.

bailoutbenny2347d ago

Ray casted sparse voxel octrees were shown running in real time on an Nvidia GTX280 at SIGGRAPH in 2008. Future technologies? Voxels have been around for as long as polygon meshes, if not longer. This stuff is happening now, not in the future. Is it good that they make "current" stuff a little more efficient? Yeah, great, whatever. We've seen what is out there now, let's start looking down the road a little bit, you know, maybe we can have a real next generation instead of current gen + 1 or 2 new effects.

Cueil2342d ago

the concept they are using can be expanded upon... the ability to utilize common tools and plug them into this frame work to be utilized by many different people... I'd like to see what this looks like in 4-5 years from now.