Kirkwall: Dragon Age 2’s Biggest Flaw?

Geek Revolt writes "Dragon Age 2 isn’t a terrible game; don’t believe the users of Metacritic. Although, there’s one thing that’s stopping it from being a great game, it’s the city of Kirkwall and it’s surrounding areas. I understand what Bioware was trying to achieve, but the recycled environments make the game feel like a chore. Where’s the sense of adventure, the thrill of going to a new city? Final Fantasy XIII’s no town approach is actually better than being forced to constantly back track the same dusty streets, at least in that game you were always moving forward."

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undercovrr2630d ago

I personally love Kirkwall and DA2. IMO its a much smoother and easier to use game than DAO, and probably one of my favourite rpg's mostly due to the dialogue and combat.

Killzoned2630d ago

i Still enjoy the game but i can see its flaws and they're not hard to spot either. DA1 felt much more adventurous, More route and so on, But DA2 is much more restrict, they recycle WAY 2 much in this game, Different dungeons looking the same? wtf with that.

Wtf is the story? Waiting for your mother to write to the viscount? Doing side quests? Seriously. Despite all these things i've rant about i still enjoy the game but it could of been much better. At the moments its DA1 > DA2

Kran2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

See the upside about Dragon Age II is that it's not Origins.

However, the downside to Dragon Age II is that it's not Origins.

Get me?

And Kirkwall isnt hugely bad. It sucks having to go to different parts of the district just to see companions, but it aint HUGELY bad.

Kon2630d ago

I started the game for some time and i only played trough narrow corridors. Maybe this is the western FFXIII?

WhiteNoise2630d ago

I don't think kirkwall was bad. There were more recycled areas outside of kirkwall than in it.

I think the different areas were unique and iconic over the course of the game. The lowtows with the metal spikes etc, hightown with the templars and chantry etc.

It was just like a more interesting denerim.

Marugo2630d ago

they did recycle places, for the sake of upcoming dlc's..

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The story is too old to be commented.