PlayStation Move: The Good, The Bad, and the Most Wanted - Part 1 (CtrlAltKill)

With the recent milestone set by Microsoft’s Kinect device, now would be as good of time as any to breakdown what is good, bad, and most wanted for Sony’s PlayStation Move controller. In Part 1 of CtrlAltKill's feature, they do a rundown of the best games currently available for the Move.

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Warprincess1162685d ago

There nothing bad about the Playstation Move. It perfect.

DoomeDx2685d ago

lol @ the sony buttkisser. You are butkissing Sony in all your comments.

I like sony too, but seriously, there are better things in life. Have sex :)

hellzsupernova2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

according to 6 people there are no better things in life lol. those sad sad people

Warprincess1162685d ago

Your disgusting and noone butt-kissing Sony. Move is an excellent product that does not have any flaws.

FailOverHero2685d ago

What is this Move you speak of? Is SONY finally launching a motion control device? This should be interesting

Mr_Objective_2685d ago

Yes they are and they are also releasing non-casual games this year.
^^^Objective comment

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Just_The_Truth2685d ago

it's great but if it had an analog stick where the move button is then it'd be perfect it'd probably would have been more expensive but then we'd be able to controller the camera that's the only reason i don't prefer it the the DS3 in KZ3. It's never to late they may release a connector for the USB or EXT. port at the bottom that just sticks on top of the move button that may explain why the move buttoom is that glassy plastic.

AndrewE2685d ago

nothing bad? are you serious? I'd agree with you if the start and select buttons weren't so hard to reach.

blazsox2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Or the fact that the Nav controller only features two of the four face buttons. It would open up support for more peripherals in games like Killzone 3 if it featured all four.