iPad, Tablets to Replace Consoles?

Apple just launched the iPad 2 to rave reviews from game developers (some think it's on par with Sony's upcoming NGP) and with more competitors entering the space, the tablets market is taking off. Unlike the console or portables market, which takes five or more years to upgrade the hardware, smartphones and tablets iterate quickly. This year's iPad is already nine times more graphically capable than last year's. Will tablets eventually iterate to the point that they're actually more powerful than consoles and become more ubiquitous as well? IG asked London Venture Partners co-founder and former Sony executive Phil Harrison this very question.

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Warprincess1162682d ago

lol why do people keep making articles like this. Tablets are not replacing consoles and you wanna know why. It because tablets lack analog sticks and buttons.

donniebaseball2682d ago

Harrison actually addresses that in the article, noting that there would be some tradeoffs for the touch screen.

longcat2682d ago

There is also a little matter of software quality and traditional IPs that will not be found on tablets.

Keith Olbermann2682d ago

Nor do tablets have the horsepower needed by we gamers.

Winning2682d ago

All of a sudden these tablets are going to kill off gaming consoles? I remember playing pretend when I was a kid.