RPGamer: Dragon Age II Review

RPGamer writes: "If a game can be less than the sum of its parts, Dragon Age II would be a prime example. While the combat is fantastic, encounters always play out the same — one wave of weak fighters from the front, a stronger second wave from all sides, and finally the strongest wave from all sides — so that it, like everything else, loses its interest thanks to an overused formula. Also, the voice acting isn't at the level we've come to expect from western RPGs lately. Were the writing stronger, the fights creative, the setting used better, the story interesting, and the choices meaningful, this would be an amazing game. As is, it is a fun timesink for WRPG fans, but don't try it if you aren't enthralled by the genre or if you don't have the time or money to play every WRPG that comes out. This one isn't worth the full price."

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Xfanboy2685d ago

Witcher 2ftw!! Dragon Age 2 is not even a goty contender anymore!

NiteX2685d ago

Just from reading the top summary it sounds like the Dragon Age 2 I've been playing is a completely different game.

TheColbertinator2685d ago

Dragon Age 2 is certainly a disaster on many ends.Wasted my $60

dc12685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Please read the review guys:

I don’t know if I have been more disappointed in a game than I was with DA2. The hype and promises of Bioware never came to light. It would have been better if Bioware described the game as a new adventure from the world of Dragon Age.. Presented on a different engine ..a different game.
-I don’t intend this to be an exhaustive rant, but to keep very short:
What hurt this game more than anything else is that it was presented in the light of DAO and we were told it was going to be just as epic with a rich impactful story that will change the face of Dragon Age–
The author writes: "I can't say this game is anywhere close to Mass Effect 2, my favorite RPG of 2010, or Dragon Age: Origins, my favorite RPG of 2009".
I agree with him 100% (with the exception of the combat… I didn’t like that either)

CrzyFooL2684d ago

RPGamer has been around for like 15 years. I trust their opinion of an RPG over almost anyone else. This makes me sad. If it wasn't broke, why did Bioware try to fix it?

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