Harmonix Reads Some Awkward Fan Mail at PAX

VGW: "The fanboy behavior, the jadedness, and the sense of entitlement is at an all-time high in recent years, so when the team behind Rock Band and Dance Central decided to read some of their favorite customer service letters of all-time, we knew this would be some hilarious, must-watch content.

We were right!"

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SlipperyMooseCakes2505d ago

The parts I could hear were funny I guess. The audio is pretty poor but it does state that on the website.

pangitkqb2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )


I think more companies should point out how ridiculous Video Gamers can be, particularly when fanboys act like game companies owe them something in a game.

It's funny to see people Rant and Rave endlessly about features missing from games. They RAGE and BITCH...and fail to realize that nobody owes them a damn thing in this industry.

From Halo to COD to Resistance, from WoW to Shogun, these devs owe us nothing. If we like their product, regardless of any imperfections, we buy it. If we don't like it we don't buy it.

Can you imagine how silly I would sound ranting and raving that a new chair doesn't have the cushion I want? Any sane person would say..."Buy a different chair." Yet this is what fanboys do all the time:

"They didn't include online co-op?!? RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAGGGEEE!!!"

bakagaijin782505d ago

I actually attended this panel, it was probably the funniest one I went to. I loved that it wasn't just a bunch of panelist talking amungst themselves; there was a lot of audience interaction.

Working with customers online is a huge part of my job, so I totally understood why they needed to vent a bit about the rediculous e-mails/PMs they would get. Sometimes it just boggles the mind why people need to be such douchebags.

Rhythmattic2505d ago

its Jake from the Blues Brothers .