Bottom 5 Video Game Weakling Baddies

GameDynamo - "You know who they are: the characters you hate wasting ammo on. The ones you avoid jumping on out of pure pity. The ones you purposely avoid to save the extra half-second of game time. These are the wimps that bosses throw at you in groups of twenty, with hopes of taking you out through pure numbers. More of an annoyance than a threat, these staples of video gaming have cemented their place in history by offering themselves up for their evil masters time and time again. These are also the baddies that didn’t deserve a Top 5 list, so they garnered themselves a Bottom 5 instead (congrats?)."

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VenomProject2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I remember beating the shit out of so many Foot clan members back in the 90's...Good times.