Sony's Big Mistake: Launching PS3 One Year Too Early

Maybe they realize it by now, and maybe they don't, but Sony has managed to play right into Microsoft's hands. When you look at the PlayStation 3, it's hard to tell what is wrong. Microsoft's early success caused Sony to get trigger happy. The PS3 was ready from a hardware design standpoint, but there was one problem. It has become glaringly obvious over the course of the last year that the PlayStation 3 was rushed to market when it was nowhere even near ready.

Sony did everything right with one exception…timing.

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nasim4062d ago

a 399$ ps3 would be launching in about a week from today.

even diehard MS and NINTENDO guys know that old ps2 owners would be purchasing the ps3 once the price hits 399$.all of them are waiting for a price cut.

FOLKLORE has got 9/10 an AAA from IGN and RATCHET is due this October as well.

ps3 steams off within a few days from now.

just another crap viral marketing. HALO 2 sold more than HALO 3 on launch day . It had 0 effect on PS2 HW sales. HALO 3 itself couldnt move more than 20% of x360s.

damn ...when would this viral marketing campaign end?

Hatchetforce4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

They are grossly in error. A $399 PS would not be launching today. Manufacturing doesn't work like that. Waiting to launch doesn't allow you to suddenly be able to launch cheaper. It requires the actual manufacturing to occur over an extended period before methods and techniques, based on extensive analysis, can be implemented that lower cost.

Such erred thinking believes if MS had waited two years they could have had the same prices as now also. No, that is wrong. The production process is vital to reaching a point where cuts can be made.

This is all machs nights anyway. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Everyone in the industry is watching Sony because they see HALO 3 has come and went. A great game but it didn't change the industry and Sony is gathering steam. Things will alter drastically over the next year as the technology in the PS3 finally begins to show a very large edge over competitors and many developers, now familiar with that technology begin to unveil some amazing work.

Now how about a new article called "Launching before your hardware is ready. Why MS should have solved the RROD error first."

ip-student4061d ago

Sure - there is the basic issue that hardware doesn't magically get cheaper by itself. So Sony would probably have trouble launching at $399 - but some of the things would have gotten cheaper (bluray - HDD - cell) so the cost would have been lower. And the PS2 is still doing great so there would have been little reason to push to the next generation quite yet. Plus the GPU could have been tweaked a little so Sony had an advantage rather than a disadvantage. The idea being that the developers would continue to develop for the PS2 and the XBOX 360 would see less of an advantage because most users still have SD tvs. So the the author has a point - but it is hard to see how well the PS3 would have done in view of a 11 million console lead - so I think waiting would have been a problem unless the PS3 could seriously blow the XBOX 360 out of the water (maybe an additional year would be enough - not sure).

But the author is ignoring something huge. Sony wants Bluray to win the format war. Without the PS3, Bluray dies. So Sony was not only concerned about the console sales but also wanted to own the next format. That is the real reason for the Bluray drive (as every PS3 has a HDD you could easily store 2 gigs of info in the cache and everyone would have great games even with a DVD drive). So I think Sony had to launch when it did. Interesting thoughts though. And this article isn't hating on the PS3 - it is questioning the strategy of Sony. You can love the PS3 and still think Sony screwed up from a strategy standpoint.

agent8644061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

One of the observations from the failures of last gen launches were that launch systems were priced too cheaply thus massive shortages ensue making it difficult to obtain a console at launch. Everyone suggested that consoles should launch at a higher price point to let early adopters subsidize costs and minimize shortages -- which Sony was more or less successful in doing. Now, within a year of its launch -- less in Europe -- a significant price drop is occurring. The quality of the machine is absoulutely stunning, from that aspect alone it lives up to its price.

Granted games were slow but not entirely non existent and i think a lot of the first party launch games like Genjii and Untold were underrated, even Resistance -- which is a million + seller -- was underrated. Springtime should have seen the launch of games that were delayed until now.

Sony's mistake is that they protrayed what the machine was capable of 2 - 4 years down the road rather than what the system was going to be at launch. I think MS was smarter in that they limited previews to launch titles and didn't show fantastic target renders of games 2 - 3 years out.

This holiday / winter / spring tho we'll see a juggernaut of games and hopefully all the promised features of the PSN / Home realized I think that will put to rest all but the most ardent of fanboys. Sony still commands more development resources than the other 2 combined and is using those resources innovately and creatively. Hopefully the PS3 wont end up just being a cult classic and will gain the true mass market audience i believe it deserves.

jackfatal4061d ago

if they waited most probably 360 will have even sell more!! by introducing a new machine it shifts demand from a system to another!! and because 360 had a year start they managed to sell that much in 1 year!! since the ps3 and wii is out the 360 is selling very bad except in the USA!
and most probably the ps3 price wont be as cheap to produce as now(because when the factories start rolling out machine after a while it becomes cheaper)!
also Mr writer dont forget about the blue ray campaign!! if they didnt sell ps3 last year then HD DVD would have over taken the blue ray!!

so Mr writer thing at least twice before u say!! sony has people with brains working for them!!

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spammy_nooo4062d ago

What's done is done. PS3 is doing decent and it has plenty of games coming out really soon, and many potentially AAA ones at that.

Running out of things to trash the PS3 with? Well, why not go back a year and bash how they launched TOO EARLY?!? I've had a very enjoyable time with my ps3 over the last few months and I won't let anybody tell me different.

I'm not sure what the total ps3 sales are, but if they waited to launch in november they wouldn't have those sales. Neither would they have ANY install base in order for third party developers to justifiably develop EXPENSIVE and exlcusive games. As of now we still have those games coming out AND the ps3 is still(most likely) going to hit the $400 dollar price point we've all gotten our hopes up for this Chrismas.

Going by this logic, a company shouldn't release a console 'til the second/third generation games get going. stupid.

MrTangent4061d ago


The linked article's author apparently does not understand the concept of "economies of scale".

He thinks that magically the PS3 would have arrived at a price much lower than it was released at if Sony had only waited. The only way Sony was able to pass on to the consumer a lower price was by making LOTS of units, thereby the economies of scale kicked in and made it cheaper to manufacture. Time is not what makes technology cheap, it's mass manufacturing. Waiting a year won't magically allow a price to necessarily come down.

The article was also disingenuous in other areas and ill-informed. With that said, it's an opinion piece and he's free to write whatever he wants. However, we are free to disagree.

I think that Sony needed to launch when they did, if not sooner. Waiting a year allowed them to have a technological advantage over the Xbox 360 (like how the original Xbox had one over the PS2 due to launching later) but if they had waited much longer then there was a very real possibility that they would lose the war. Same thing with the Wii.

BaMYouRDeaD4062d ago

One year early? I think that would have been slightly too late. Yes, there are numerous advantages to having released this year, but then Sony wouldn't have 5 million units sold, and would thus be 5 million behind. And at the rate the PS3 is selling now, 5 million is ALOT!

Sony had the timing right. They just need games and a price drop.

P.S. About the games....I guess that problem is starting to go away, but there's still the obstacle of the price.

kalel1144062d ago

And the price obsatcle seems to be getting fixed next week. I laugh when people say the PS3 was rushed out early, when Microsoft rushed theirs to beat it. Proof is in the build and subsequent failure rate. Enough said.

Snukadaman4061d ago

Imagine the hype....the anticipation..for a year older ps3..yea as everyone should agree...the ps3 is slowly catching up with the xbox in the graphics department..almost after their first year...exactly the point this article is stating...there could of been some revisions with the graphics card...blowing away the xbox 360...who knows...I think games were just a afterthought with bluray being the number one reason the ps3 came out when it did. hell imagine a ps3 with no blu think they would be third?

TheFatOne4062d ago

I don't agree 11mil consoles is a lot to make up 5 would be more manageable.