BeGone is one multiplayer FPS that you don't want to miss

GB: "Indie game are on a rise. No doubts about that. A few days we ago posted about a fantastic indie mech and today we bring you an online multiplayer first person shooter that is free."

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SLEDGE2563d ago

"Advanced graphic shaders, dynamic character locomotion and optimized networking code create an intense gameplay experience that is quickly accessible from a browser with no signup required."

Hmm, yeah not really into browser shooters.
Reminded me a little of CS 1.6 with better grapihx :)

CommonSense2563d ago

Yeah, i think i actually do want to miss this. looks awful. neat that it's a browser game and it's free, i guess; but everyone and their mother owns an FPS on PC or console at this point so why downgrade?

Neko_Mega2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Well I think I'll choose Battlefield 3 over this, why do the guns look small? They almost look like a toy.

Just try it and yes people you want to miss this game.

Neko_Mega2563d ago

Really two disagree? Grow up little boys.

Spydiggity2563d ago

it's cuz you said battlefield and not killzone.

Neko_Mega2563d ago

Ok what does Killzone have to do with this?

A PC game Vs a PC, but Killzone for PS2 does look better then this game and runs better.

TheDeadMetalhead2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

...I don't think I ever want to play a multiplayer FPS again. I'm just so sick of them all.

floetry1012563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

I'm sure if they could, they'd apologise for not making a multi-million dollar game like Battlefield 3. Rofl. Of course Battlefield 3 will be better, but it doesn't discount the fact that BeGone is a FREE BROWSER game.

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