60° Radio Ep. 72 - Four Loko Saves Lives

Been wondering where the latest episodes of your beloved cast are? Well they've been pounding so many Four Lokos, Red Bulls, and anything else with a caffeine quotient that they’re becoming attuned to seeing in the dark and kicking ass while intoxicated. Or maybe they’re just playing too much of “The Witcher.” But all of that changes now. Here’s the latest episode of the main show in which Sean and Rob, bruised, beaten, and more exhausted than ever, talk about Activision and their rumored bid to buy 2K. It sounds horrible all the way around and they’ll let you know why.

The Rundown:
- They seriously fail at game of the week
- Rob rants about how much the prospect of Activision buying 2K sucks for…everyone
- They preview the next Gamepocalypse
- Discuss upcoming PAX EAST shenanignas
- Lose their grasp on reality entirely

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BorisTI2657d ago

But can Fourloko truly love you back?

2658d ago