Best Video Game Deals on the Internet 3/14 – Xbox Makes a Comeback

Xbox 360 deals make a COMEBACK this week! Many video game deals have hit the net, but only the best deals which offer the best savings are worth mentioning. In addition, Halo: Reach 360 controller is this week's "up for grabs" item!

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Raven_Nomad2626d ago

Dang Alan Wake new for under $10 and Forza 3 for $16 is amazing!

If anyone hasn't played these games and you own a 360, snatch them up, trust me you wont regret it, Alan Wake is one of the most amazing/eerie games you'll ever play and Forza 3 is in my opinion the best racing sim on the market, with the most realistic damage and physics.

beefstu2626d ago

Never knew Xbox was behind and needed a comeback... And I'm a PS3 player...

SOCOM 4 better not suck

jut4202626d ago

No one implied 360 was in 3rd, not Raven nor the article, just some awesome deals "that we haven't seen in a while" is what is being implied

2625d ago
Kalowest2626d ago

I would rather have the physical copy of AW for $20 or $30 then the DL version, even if it is $10.

Kalowest2626d ago

I'll wait for the Fable3 GOTY or whatever they name with all the DLC. If it was Forza Motorsport 3 UC for $16, that would have been an awesome deal.

Raven_Nomad2626d ago

I hear ya, I just got Forza 3 ultimate collection for $25 and it's fantastic, well worth the money with like 4 gigs of extra content, tracks, cars, ect.... Very amazing game...I cant put it down and I'm not a race game fan.

Kalowest2625d ago

"I cant put it down and I'm not a race game fan"
Thats really good to hear, might have to try and pick it up today.

Kon2626d ago

I'll wait to pick fabl III after the PC release.

SlipperyMooseCakes2626d ago

There are lot of great deals there but the Alan Wake deal is a steal! Seriously if you have an Xbox 360 and you have been on the fence about purchasing Alan Wake now is the time. You get a full $60 game for $9 bucks! That's a better deal then an arcade game.

SMOK3xFFx2626d ago

Ordered the Alan Wake one just now, wish they didn't have to ship you the code though.

Blad3star2626d ago

Just call them and tell them to give you the code.

I do the same with my local game store. When I want MS points I leave a credit of $50 and tell them to send the code to my email address.

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