Top Spin 4 Serves Up PlayStation Move, Stereoscopic 3D Tomorrow

PS Blog: Hi guys! I’m here today to share some details for Top Spin 4, in stores tomorrow, March 15th in the US and March 18th internationally.

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-Alpha2507d ago

Good to see Move getting some love, I'm hoping they are able to get bigger games to adopt. It'd be real good if games like Battlefield and COD support Move.

waltyftm2507d ago

They have no excuses not to implament it, M.A.G and Killzone 3 do it so good they would be foolish not to, Played the Top spin 4 demo last week and it was ok, But the ugly cross hairs spoilt it.

-Alpha2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

It sounds easy to implement. I wonder if Sony has to push it or if devs decide it themselves.

What Move lacks is support from huge names. That could really push sales.

FailOverHero2507d ago

Sony have to ask devs This is probably the most natural inclusion of Move and 3D. The future of motion gaming is 3D. Being able to 'hit' an object that you can see right in front of you is just wow. I thank God I lived long enough to witness and experience this. Man I love gaming.
Wish I could afford a 3D's to saving up.

Dylantalon12507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

so this game supports a 1:1 motion device with stereoscopic 3d. thats amazing but im quite sure most reviewers wont cover those features

Ju2507d ago

Somebody needs to tell 2K Games that there are no buttons on a tennis racket.

1. Drop shot: slice shot + Move Button.
2. Lob: L2 + any swing motion.
3. Shot followed to the net (or serve and volley): L1 + swing (or serve).
4. Drop volley: Control volley + Move Button.
Say what now? This can all be achieved reading the Move properly (gestures). WTH is this? And why a nav con? Read the position in 3D space.

Hope VT5 doesn't do the same crap.

Ddouble2507d ago

Yea i would have prefered it if your wrist controls top spin and lob rather than using buttons but this should still be fun, I hope.

Ju2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I still get a Wii feeling with that game - can work. Might make it more accessible. But for someone who plays the real thing its a bit annoying.

They could have implemented a pro mode which does proper controller recognition. Sure, more work to implement, but still. This feels like a straight Wii port (at least from the demo so far).

Especially if VT5 does that, there is no reason they wouldn't go for the same (at least as an option).

Kon2507d ago

Somebody needs to tell 2K games that there are no glowing globes on a tennis racket.

Damiann2507d ago

Maria Sharapova is not in the game= fail

Miths2507d ago

It's a damn shame the Move implementation - based on the demo - is terrible and feels like a lazy afterthought.
No 1:1 motion control here like in Sports Champions table tennis, just very basic gesture controls picking up the broadest of movements.

Reportedly Virtua Tennis 4 will do a much better job in this area, properly reading angle, speed etc. of the Move controller. I certainly hope so.

tgh machines2507d ago

The MOVE implementation in this game SUCKS! If you were planning on getting this game for MOVE support, don't bother!

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