5 developers that should develop on the NGP. ~ The Sony Geniuses

We take a look at the list of developers to make games on the NGP and show you 5 others that should develop on the portable console that aren't on the list.

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hellzsupernova2597d ago

honestly the only one there is insomniac but even then i would imagine if a handheld R&C game were to be made it would be done through a different studio. EA would be good to have abord but i cant think of any must have EA games atm

blusoops2597d ago

Must have EA game = Mass Effect

hellzsupernova2597d ago

yeah but thats more at home on the consoles / pc

2597d ago
NeloAnjelo2597d ago

This article is fail. These are the top 5 developers for quality Sony games (on a mobile platform)... in random order:

1)Naughty Dog or High Impact Games (R&C PSP)
2)Insomniac or Sony Bend (Resistance and Syphon Filter PSP)
3)Ready at Dawn (GOW PSP) or Santa Monica
4)Media Molecule
5)Guerilla Games

All of these studios are not just highly acclaimed, but made great portable game versions of bigger releases. No doubt they would utilize the NGP and bring innovation.

blusoops2597d ago

Peace walker and Valkyria chronicles 2 were the best games I played on psp last yr.
I still haven't played ghost of Sparta. But konami and sega should b on the list.

Thesonygeniuses2597d ago

FYI. It is an article on developers that should develop on the handheld. Sony is already doing Killzone, resistance and LBP. uncharted already in making. missed GOW though.

pedrami912597d ago

The article isn't fail, it depends on how you see it.

If for one think unless EA, Insomniac and Zipper decided to make original IP's and not just ports (even though 50% of all confirmed ones working on the NGP will most likely release a port) i think we could do without them.