Bungie Escapes from Microsoft; Apple, Revisit the Pippin

The first public glimpse of Halo was in 1999 at the MacWorld Expo NYC, when Steve Jobs unveiled Halo to the the world. Shortly thereafter in 2000, Microsoft bought Bungie and snatched Halo away from Apple. Since then, Apple has never made another attempt to foray into gaming.

Now, as rumors of the Bungie and Microsoft parting ways are swirling, The InformationWeek proposes that Apple should ride on the success of iPod and iPhone and take advantage of this opportunity to work with Bungie, so Apple will have a reason to entice PC gamers to migrate from Windows to Mac.

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pwnsause4066d ago

boy oh boy M$, you sure do like to steal games from other companies dont you lol.

ISay4066d ago

wow that looks better than halo 3

QuackPot4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Microsoft was lucky that one of their staffers spotted this game before Sony did.

Had Sony bought Bungie first, how different things would be today.

< edit >

After further thought, there's no luck at all.

We all know Microsoft copies Apple so they would always have a staffer attend Apple Conferences to see what they can pick up.

Sony would unlikely have a staffer attend such a conference as PC and OS business is not their forte. Dammit.

C'mon Sony, start sending staffers to Apple Conferences. You don't want to let another Halo get away from you.

BrianC62344065d ago

Bungie would be stupid to go with Apple. Face it, Macs are powerful but the Macs that are good enough for real gaming are just way too expensive. Instead switch to the PS3. The PS3 is the most powerful console on the market. Bungie could make a great game on the PS3. Don't become part of Sony, just make games for them.

dantesparda4065d ago

Always having MS steal from you. First RROD's, then Peter Moore left, then Halo 3, while selling good, hasnt exactly blown away Halo 2 records, then Sony lowers the price of the PS3 to $400 while only losing the card reader and 2 USB, and then Bungie is leaving. MS is starting to mess up

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ShiftyLookingCow4066d ago

sheesh that was some horribly titled blog article, I thought it was actually official or something from the tone of it. Also the guy seems to be more interested about Apple, Steve Jobs and Apple than about games. "creating original titles that run only on the Mac." no thanks

Snukadaman4066d ago

i was wondering when microsoft announced bungie was leaving...cmon roundpeg you do better reports then this man.....this had a horrible banner.

Young Capwn4066d ago

Whats a Mac? The Big Mac can play games now? i love that burger!

LeonSKennedy4Life4066d ago

Me too...

And I work at McDonalds.

It's still delicious.

ElementX4066d ago

In your icon, are you hiding your face in shame for working at McDonalds?

risk4066d ago

man for 1999, those graphics are like what bioshock is right now (i wont say crysis because...crysis is just something...ELSE)

BIadestarX4066d ago

I noticed microsoft is being a lot of interest in supporting the MAC.... not only that microsoft releases office on mac.. but silverlight is being designed from the begining to support MAC... also there are talks about microsoft working on completely supporting the .net framework for MAC.. including visual Studio and languages like, etc. This will make it easier for lots of developers to port or simultaniously develop applications for windows and MAC. This can only mean more software for MAC. lots of love between apple and microsoft lately... I noticed on a developer's conference a few weeks ago... we had someone from apple talking about mac's silverlight (microsoft technology "flash killer" streaming video without player) support... I was like WTF?... The level of support microsoft is showing for MAC and now apple using compatible CPU... I wouldn't doubt if microsoft releases DirectX on that MAC too...
I know linux people and microsoft haters don't want or need any support or anything from microsoft (rolling eyes)... but only small signs of love from microsoft for you guys... microsoft sharing some things here and there... Who knows.. MAC people may eventually actually get lots of games.

LeonSKennedy4Life4066d ago

Just shut up.

I don't think anyone who saw this video is in the mood for your Microsoft-is-innocent crap!

They should know by now that Microsoft hasn't earned their place in the console gaming world. If it weren't for Halo, they wouldn't be ANYWHERE right now...

It's all because they stole a game.

How do you sleep at night knowing the company you love doesn't deserve the recognition they get?

original seed4066d ago

I think someone needs a nap.

MrTangent4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Actually Apple and Microsoft have had a good relationship since Steve Jobs came back to Apple in 1997. Apple was having a lot of problems under previous management and Steve knew that in order to turn the company around Microsoft was pivotal. The most obvious sign of their renewed business agreements was that Microsoft agreed to support MS Office for Macintosh for, I believe it was, five years. In return, Apple put Internet Explorer on each Mac and made it the default web browser (later Microsoft stopped support for IE for Mac, because of Safari, IMO).

Anyway, since then Microsoft has kept its support for Apple in various ways, most notably by releasing updated versions of Microsoft Office for the Macintosh platform. Apple is doing amazingly well under the tutelage of Steve Jobs and especially after the truly astounding success of the iPod (and iTunes). Their shift to Intel processors and native support for running Windows on every Mac sold also has had a "halo" effect giving Apple renewed success. I think Microsoft is one piece in the large puzzle of Apple's success, but it's not the defining piece by a long shot. Apple could very easily succeed without Microsoft's support since they have numerous alternatives to Office (including their own) but it's obvious that they wouldn't want to risk not having Microsoft support.

Microsoft's Bill Gates has been a supporter and fan of the Apple platform for some time. Hell, he even stole the GUI concept from Apple with Windows (which greatly mimicked Mac OS; for the sake of full disclosure, however, Apple's Mac OS was greatly inspired, but not a copy of, Xerox PARC's Alto).

Here's a funny video from the 80s showing a young Bill Gates' enthusiasm for the Macintosh that some of you might find interesting:

As an aside, it's "Mac" if you're shortening it and not "MAC". MAC is the abbreviation for Media Access Control, which you can read about here:

You'll find that a lot of Mac users take offense to MAC. I know it's a small quibble, but just thought I'd mention it. :)

DeadIIIRed4065d ago

Monopolies are, well, illegal. Microsoft is helping Apple in order to keep them up in the computer market. The only reason they are doing this is so Microsoft doesn't have to split.

risk4065d ago

i hope you on mac = more money for microsoft....

d3l33t4065d ago

waffles, you live in the EU?

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