Nintendo Stock Hits All Time High

Nintendo stock spiked at 64,800 yen on Wednesday, an all-time high, on speculation that the company might be bumping up its earning forecast again. The stock dipped back down to 64,300 by closing, a 2.7 percent increase over the day, Reuters reports.

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harpua3886d ago

lol.......MS can't even break 30.

Umbrella Corp3886d ago

With the Wii's price and it costing so little to make im not surprised.

xxjeran123xx3886d ago

I for one am ecstatic the Wii is selling.. no MS fanboy going "OMG Wiimote is such a big fad" or "Hahaha GameCube 2!"

Kuest3886d ago

No mater what my gaming preference is NOW, nintendo will always be my secret #1 console. They sealed the deal when I was 9 and playing "Orcania of Time". Mario 64 was also good, but games TODAY have yet to capture the same romantic feeling of Zelda games "back in the day". Who knows, though? I plan on buying a Wii for christmas (suckers!! Screw hardcore gamers) and am dying to try Twilight. If one you guys above is a Wii owner (lol- sounds like "Wee lad") can you please give me your thoughts on the game?