Child of Eden will 'kick Cliffy B's ass', jokes Q

CVG: Q Entertainment has described Tetsuya Mizuguchi Kinect title Child of Eden as the game you want to play when you're looking for a "chilled, blissed out" experience - and it's going to kick Cliffy B's ass.

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dangert122624d ago

I think we're just going to kick Cliffy B's ass! I love kicking Cliffy B's ass!

DO IT AGAIN YOUTUBE IT EMAIL IT ME GO ON INBOX ME ON HERE (yes cliffy i know you may be reading this)
some one needs to decipline him =D

ok i just read what i wanted to the artical goes on lol

-Mezzo-2624d ago

I wonder whats his Username on N4G. :P

Tommykrem2624d ago

Child of Eden looks great!
And in all honesty so does Cliffy B, but that's just as vague a connection between these two, as the connection mentioned in the article.

Besides, someone tell James Mielke that GoW3 came out a year ago. There's only one GoW3...

Kinectanigga2624d ago

There WAS only one GoW3 but now there are 2 so deal with it

Etseix2624d ago

GOW3 is God Of War 3

GoW3 is Gears of War 3


Kinectanigga2624d ago

im just peachy i didnt bring it up sooooo you should have replied to him not me

Tommykrem2623d ago

Ihe abbreviation of Gears of War should be, and probably is GeoW. It's certainly a lot easier to differentiate between the God of War and Gears of War if the latter were to add the "e"

Kran2624d ago

Someone made a joke about CliffyB? Now who would do such a thing!!!

Oh wait, me. :/