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Submitted by Onslaught200 1794d ago | article

Virtua Fighter Gets No Respect

Virtua Fighter is a grand master is the fighting game arena. So why don't you play it? (Arcade, Casual games, Culture, Dev, Industry, Mobile, Next-Gen, PS2, PS3, Retro, Tech, Xbox 360)

dangert12  +   1794d ago
Dude VF is ny favourite fighting game...i have 5 on xbox but am waiting for a new one now to hit these consoles so i can play vf again on my favoured ps3 console
gaffyh  +   1794d ago
I've never really liked VF, it's just not as fluid as Tekken. It's better than a lot of other fighters though.
dangert12  +   1794d ago
true but feels alot more realistic and alot more satifying when you know how to play it
DanSolo  +   1794d ago
It might help if there was a Virtua Fighter game out to play... The last one was out years ago!
Optical_Matrix  +   1794d ago
They need to bring it to consoles. Arcades are almost dead in the west. For it to kick off again it needs to be brought to consoles. I'd buy it for sure. Most anti-noob fighting game out there and it doesn't get the attention it deserves.
clearelite  +   1794d ago
Of course it doesn't, most people are nubs. I picked up VF5 for PS3 a couple months ago for around five dollars. Still looks gorgeous and plays very well.
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Titanz  +   1794d ago
Soul Calibur fan
DOA is also good for it's veriest reasons ;P
ChronoJoe  +   1794d ago
Probably most because the PS3 version of VF5 was a bad port so in effect there is no decent PS3 VF game. At the same time at the release of the game it's very likely that the larger portion of VFs fanbase was on PS3.

That, pretty much was why the game died out, imo.
midgard227  +   1794d ago
lol dude, VF5 came out first on ps3, like a year ahead. it was my first ps3 game

the game had horrible load times.

the game series itself is deep but very slow and sorta boring, the ring outs kill it, for 3d fighters i stick to DOA and soulcalibur
ChronoJoe  +   1793d ago
DOA especially is very casual in regards to it's mechanics, Soul Caliber somewhat too. Whilst I'm a fan of SC, it's nice and flashy and all that. I have a profound respect for this type of game.

Also I didn't find it too slow, problem is perhaps that VF is SPECIFICALLY designed for an arcade stick, some of the inputs are kind of iffy for me on a PAD. Soul Caliber and Tekken however were specifically designed for 4 button Playstation controllers. Those games with their basically 4 button setups can be pretty nice for pad players.

Also, whilst VF5 came out, first on PS3. The defining problem was the fact that the PS3 version does NOT have online play, the 360 version, does.
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JAMurida  +   1794d ago
Nothing will ever beat Virtua Fighter kids let alone any of the Virtua games, (Virtua ON, Virtua Cop).
Orionsangel  +   1794d ago
Because fighting games need to be more than just technical fighters. That pleases the hardcore fighting community, but what about everyone else? We wanna have fun and be impressed. That means revolutionary graphics with new innovations on background interaction. An amazing soundtrack and more innovative interaction between opponents. So every punch and kick that impacts on your opponent looks and feels fresh and new. Right now as it stands. They keep remaking the same fighting game with a fresh new coat of paint.
Redempteur  +   1794d ago
easy .i don't play it because the amount of work to master something is way too much compared to the competition.

i'm not saying you need to Oversimply it .. but at least in the others fighting games i can see the learning curve .
For virtua fighter i just see a big wall to climb.

Almost all fighters have basic core mecanics AND THEN deep and advanced mecanics afterwards ... it just feel like Virtua fighter only have Advanced mecanics ... that's IMO the biggest thing preventing virtua fighter from being more played.

Before anyone comes at me ..i'll just add that i have virtua fighter 1 ( PC ) ,virtua fighter 3 (dreamcast) and virtua fighter 4 evo ( PS2 ) so i gave this serie a chance.
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ChronoJoe  +   1793d ago
Depends which character you play. Some characters your inputs can be a lot less precise than others. Akira or w/e his name is, is a very tough character to master, and pretty useless if you don't know entirely what you're doing, however in contrast someone like Jacky has some decent, basic bnbs that can be utilized by even novice players.
Redempteur  +   1793d ago
it's not about manipulating the characters but also the overall mecanics of battle ..

every fighter have easy to get into fighters but you have toa dmit thta virtua fighter is on a totally different level
Michael-Jackson  +   1794d ago
I tried VF5, too slow and boring to get into it.
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nano88  +   1794d ago
It's not for you u ain't ready go play street fighter and mortal kombat
guigsy  +   1794d ago
Just because you can't button mash to pull off special moves.
Arnagrim  +   1794d ago
Virtua Fighter is the elite of the elite for fighting games. No bullshit projectiles to spam, no garbage unblockable attacks, reversals are actually hard compared to those joke parries in Soul Calibur and it's not a a lame juggle-fest like Tekken where one attack can send an opponent high up and you can keep them up in the air almost indefinitely.
It's just raw close quarter fighting that relies solely on skill and reflexes. Virtua Fighter games are also probably the only fighting games to have perfect balance at high level play. I wish more fighting games were like Virtua Fighter.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1794d ago
This guy knows what he's talking about.
InLaLaLand  +   1794d ago
Just a general question, do they play VF at tournaments? I might pick up VF5 for the PS3 just to try it out.
Arnagrim  +   1794d ago
Not so much anymore, though I've heard of a few occasions where they do.
The reason is that the game's learning curve and depth turns a lot of people away so in comparison to games like Street Fighter where thousands can play competitively Virtua Fighter's player population is relatively small. So it doesn't attract tournament attention like for Street Fighter. I don't even think they play VF at Evo anymore.
hoof123  +   1794d ago
I love Virtua Fighter, I love how technical and dynamic it is, between all the different fighting styles to how you can cut & paste moves and form your own combos. I'm just eagerly anticipating the announcement of a new game in the series, please somebody let it happen!
SilverSlug  +   1794d ago
Button smashers hate Virtua Fighter, its not for the weak. Its a Segata Sanshiro fighting game. Kids do no apply.
anasurimbor  +   1794d ago
Virtua Fighter gets a lot more respect than people think. Just because it's not the most commercially successful fighter there is, doesn't mean it doesn't get any respect. Fighting game experts are pretty commonly quoted in saying they feel VF is the most technical fighter there is.
CaptainPunch  +   1794d ago
Virtual Fighter 5 was awesome on the PS3, wish more people played that game.
nano88  +   1794d ago
Xbox was way Better bro
CaptainPunch  +   1794d ago
Never played the 360 version
nano88  +   1794d ago
yeap it has online
Corrwin  +   1793d ago
Laggy Online on 360, or Simulated Online on PS3.

Not sure what's better.
RedPawn  +   1794d ago
VF will always be the Godfather of 3D fighting games, slow my ass do people on peddle what they can't achieve.

Once again fighting games will fall off because you have those who love them regardless, those who are wanna be tech/tourny players, and the ones who casually play.

Get off your high horses and give credit where credit is due.
Smootherkuzz  +   1793d ago
VF One of the Best Series!
I still play VF on my sega system as well VF on the 360 this was one of the games that help start the large poly counts that gave us the great graphics we have today.And it still plays and looks good and will wear you out(lol). Who was your favorite fighter? I liked the old dude with drunk style(lol).

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