If Bungie Bails On Halo Who Will Pick Up The Slack?

Halo without Bungie? It's like a world without a sun. An internet without easy access to terabytes of porn. A peanut butter sandwich without the bacon and deep fried crust. But, God forbid that this week's rumors are true and that Bungie is moving on to greener development pastures, putting the Master Chief on ice, in the unlikely scenario, who would rescue the first-person shooter franchise?

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Proxy4087d ago

Ted Price FTW!

LOL, please don't take this too seriously.

JsonHenry4087d ago


Maybe this time instead of giving us a green guy killing aliens, we can get the Green Frogs from Battle Toads killing aliens! That would be a better use of a DVD in my opinion than another Halo game.

AngryTypingGuy4086d ago

Thank God Microsoft owns the rights to Halo, so no Slappy, you won't see it on the DelayStation any time soon. Hopefully Epic will take it, but I think JsonHenry has a more realistic guess with Rare.

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ShiftyLookingCow4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

I want a Halo trailer similar to UT3's in case Epic is making Halo 4.

[edit] sorry for the horrible wording, changed it now

Timesplitter144087d ago

what do you mean by UT3 style Halo 4 trailer?

Sayai jin4087d ago

If this is true, it seems like Bungie will still develop Halo series for MS, (ex, Halo 4, Halo Wars, etc). It sounds all this moves does is let Bungie develop diffrent IP's/games, but it was also stated that MS has first refusal right to that game. Which means if MS wants the game to be exclusive for the 360 or whatever console they have then they have that right, if they do not then it can either become multi platform or go soley to another system, but never the less MS will still pretty much decide. It's a win win for MS, since the dev that produced the bigest game for the console will maybe have the rigt to produce another AAA title or titles and MS will have first dibs so to speak. Bungie is like any other company, they want Money and MS has a liitles supply.

If this is true, what I think will happen is that MS will spend some seriuos green sighin another big name dev to exclusivity. Which will be good or bad, depends on what you prefer.

Bloodmask4087d ago

will not be leaving Microsoft. So this is a moot point. A Team Ninja designed Halo game would be awesome though.

BloodySinner4087d ago

They have no experience with shooters. American developers are way better at that.

Bloodmask4087d ago

that the Western development studios are superior at FPS development. When I was referring to Team Ninja I was just thinking of the "quality" of the game. Bc I know that Team Ninja sets their standards very high.

DG4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

A third person Halo by Team Ninja...or Epic I would love that! Oooohhh with some RPG elements. Bring it on come on MS ditch Bungie already. But we all know even if Bungie leaves MS they will still develop H4. Why wouldnt they look how much money it brings even to the devs.

iNcRiMiNaTi4087d ago

halo 3 took 3 years to make and if there will be a halo 4 they wont have time for another project....unless they make a side company like how ubisoft has...

DG4087d ago

Honestly I was never a fan of Halo Im more of a real fps (COD4 GRAW2) than arcade (Halo Gears) type of guy. I did rent Halo3 and must agree that it was fun in co op even though it looks like $hiT in co-op. But I really would love to see what another top notch dev could do with the series.

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