Did Blu-ray score a goal in its own net with BD+?

Reports of people having trouble with the new BD+ copy protection are starting to surface. The movies in question are Fox's Blu-ray releases of "The Day After Tomorrow" and "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer."

BD+ is an extra layer of copy protection. With it, Sony should be able to change the keys used to unlock it. In short, this means that if a BD+ disc is hacked and copied, Sony can change the keys that secure future discs from being copied.

All in all, a good idea. However, reports of difficulties playing these BD+ protected Blu-ray releases are starting to surface.

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nasim4089d ago

100 gig BD is coming and is compatible with existing BD players

FOLKLORE got 9/10 at IGN.

good news for SONY and BD

skynidas4089d ago

completely agree with you XD

wageslave4089d ago

Folklore has a metacritic score of 7.3 / 10.

Fighter4089d ago

Customers must contact the player's manufacturer and request an update that will come in a disc form.

I guess this is the same as those 360 owners who don't get to play games because of the RROD. Just be patient like them and those BD discs will work in a couple of weeks.

cuco334089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

Not all players can easily be upgraded. This is signs that the BD format isn't ready and there seems to be a communication issue between BD player manufacturers, BD movie studios and the BDA. Here's where BD1.1, BD+, BD-Java and BD2.0(live) might conflict between disk and player and further proof on WHY an unfinished spec is a major issue.

This also further proves the potential that BD was specifically made for the PS3 and if you are a PS3 fan that's great. If you are a BD or HDM fan it doesn't look so great. I know I may seem to be a troll or a fanboy but I am console and format neutral and want to get the PS3 for both gaming and BD but the current state of gaming and especially BD, it doesn't look too good and that's an unbiased opinion on it all. Every week I hear more FUD from BD's PR than anything. example: HD DVD is dead... for the 5th time.

blackmagic4089d ago

I completely agree Cuco and to be honest I am completely surprised to see anything with bd+ released before the holidays. I have always thought that bd+, bdjava, profile 1.1 and profile 2.0 have been potential ticking time bombs for the BDA. I would seriously doubt seeing java/1.1/2.0 before the holidays due to the highly sensitive nature of public perception. Early adopters are also VERY vocal when it comes to these types of issues as seen on the AVS Forums regarding issues with both formats.

hitthegspot4089d ago

Why didn't they just include the update on the BD+ disks? I guess there isn't enough room on these disks after all...

Lightning Mr Bubbles4089d ago

Did they score a goal into their own net? Someone has been watching too much Womens World Cup or something.

Cherchez La Ghost4089d ago

I wanted to buy a Blu-Ray player for my father for Christmas. But if I have go thru this crap, I won't be buying him this format. I'll read up some more about HD-DVD now.

Jdash244089d ago

oh you mean the format that is going to release a triple layer disc with 1 more gb than blu ray? the same discs that wont work in existing hd dvd players?........making them useless and a waste of cash because you would have to buy a new one

that hd dvd?

power of Green 4089d ago

His dad doesn't have the player yet so he's not wasting a dam thing. I havn't read what you said in your post yet. Although one would say its not possible to play the 51 gigers on older player you don't know that do you?!, I mean they(Toshiba) havn't came out with any announcments saying how they're going to deal with the issue have they.

barom4089d ago

how about the fact that they force you to pay around 5 dollars to get a dvd side that you'll probably never gonna use.

cuco334089d ago

TL51 (51gb disks) isn't finalized yet by the HD DVD forum. It was approved by the forum to proceed but it's not finalized. What this is is a disk space pissing contest between both formats. BD preached 50gb, HD DVD came saying they can do 51gb. Now BD is back at it with 100gb. Think about this for movies... 50gb alone IS NOT NEEDED!!! It's already been proven. ex: Paramount's first exclusive HD DVD movie will be 1080p, 2+hr movie, with full lossless audio all in the DL30 disk. HD DVD forum will NOT approve the TL51 disks if they don't play on current players, unlike BDA where RIGHT NOW they have standalone players which don't play all disks and BD1.1 isn't even out yet!

Combo disks do cost more, they have both formats on 1 disk which I personally like since not everyone is rich enough to be able to afford full HDTV & Home Theater & HD DVD player in every room. Thing is not all movies are in Combo format. I can loan any of my friends an HD DVD/DVD combo film regardless of the player he has. Regular HD DVD disks for for on average $20 on Amazon.

Learn your facts fellas before you start tooting your trolling horns.

power of Green 4089d ago

Dude said he's going with another format and people get offented?, a format gets bashed.

#4.4, I agree about the space being overkill but the studios did complain and have stated they'll be supporting Blu-ray because they favored those extra 20 gigs BD provided a while back.

Mars Attacker4089d ago

HD DVD is simpler, cheaper and has just as good picture and sound quality. BD is tightly controlled by Sony and has much more useless copy protection that can only cause compatibility problems and hurt consumers. BD uses most of the extra disk space for copy protection data anyway. Both formats hold WAY more than enough data for the longest of movies and lossless sound.

Both are useless as computer backup disks (external 720 gig hard drives are less than $200). The whole 30/50/51/100 thing is meaningless with hard disks so cheap. I'll stick to the dual layer burner in my PC for a couple more years and be happy.

Both formats currently have a pitiful market share compared to regular DVDs. Hopefully some new format will spring up in the next year or two and kick ass on both BR and HD DVD. It would serve them all right.

Cherchez La Ghost4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

I just said that I'll "READ" about HD-DVD and this is what I get?! I can care less about space on a disc. I just the old man (my father) enjoy is 1080p HDTV. Why everytime I read about HD movies, some of you bash each other about who is the best?! Both put out 1080p (the same picture). My pops do not need a PS3 (nor a 360) because he do not play games. I come here for a neutral opinions and what do I get?! Fanboys ranting and raving at each other about 360's and PS3's.

Dark_Overlord4089d ago

It doesn't matter which you choose, both will have problems for the foreseable future and both will require firmware upgrades somewhere down the line i.e Blu ray 2.0 profile will need a firmware update, those new 51gig HD DVD discs will require an update etc etc

I know your father doesn't want a games console but the PS3 is the cheapest and one of the better blu ray players you can get, also its firmware is constantly updated

As for HD DVD I'm not sure which the better players are, most of the films I want are on Blu ray so I haven't really looked. There are plenty of websites with reviews of the players so just look around.

My advice is look at what films you are intending to buy then find out which format they will be on then go with a player for that format, or if your willing to wait a few more months wait for a dual format player like the samsung one.

barom4088d ago

on the movie "300" costs 24 dollars on blu ray. On hd dvd it's 28 dollars.

Now I can't find any other multi format movies but isn't that quite obvious? Do you see a hd dvd only 300 movie? Isn't that forcing you to pay 4 dollars extra?

"Learn your facts fellas before you start tooting your trolling horns."

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mighty_douche4089d ago

ummm.... translation from yank.... own goal.

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