Transformers MMO Officially Announced

Hasbro, Inc. has announced today that it has signed a strategic development agreement with Jagex Limited to jointly create a new online game based on the globally iconic Transformers brand.

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MegaMohsi2624d ago

oh wow, this could be interesting...

SuperStrokey11232624d ago

I am cautiously optomistic at this time, will wait to see what they come up with. Makes sense as a concept at least

It better be based on cybertron

Mystogan2624d ago

Its Jagex, The guys from runescape.

Led-Zeppelin2624d ago

I hope its not like Runescape, at all...

theonlylolking2624d ago

The massive amounts of customization should be huge since they are transformers.

slinky1234562624d ago

I always wanted to make and custimize my own transformer.

StarScream4Ever2624d ago

Interesting... Tell me more.

anthem2624d ago

Cool hopefully all the bots will not sound like xzibit

DaBadGuy2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

I just discovered something I didn't even realize I wanted.

A Transformers MMO never even crossed my mind, but now, I can't wait to try it out. It's being made by Jagex, it's in good hands.

PS: I hope it's G1 and not the crappy movie versions. At least maybe mix it up and let people choose the type. Hell include the Beast Wars versions for all I care, so long as G1 is available to me.

Solid_Snake-2624d ago

i feel ya with the G1 tranformers but hopefully the customization will let you mix and match. i.e megatron transforming into a pistol but if you have 2 characters on the go maybe have the other as him as a tank or something.

just my transformer brain going off on one.

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The story is too old to be commented.