Is Homefront likely to happen? Korean expert talks

The Koreans are shooting in Home Front. Not in Korea but in the United States, since the Koreans were there after a big rise in cases. Now that sounds nuclear program Kim Jong-Il quite dangerous, but North Korea would also lead to a coup in a position of such proportion? To find out we spoke with Korea expert Koen de Ceuster who Homefront with us through reality meter traveled.


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Folezicle2653d ago

The thing with war.. Who knows, the only people that suffer sre the ones shot

pixelsword2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Unlikely, but the unification of the two Coreas is likely along with Japan aligning with either Corea or China is possible because with the assault on South Corea by North Corea proved that the US was incapable of defending South Corea.

The Collapse of the US's economy has been happening since the 80's with "Reaganomics", then in the 90's with GHW Bush's NAFTA and Clinton signing NAFTA into law, and in the naughts with Dubya's CAFTA. These factors alone caused the jobs to be drained from the US, setting up for a worldwide economic collapse.

whydoyouask2653d ago

I would like to politely disagree with what you said. I think that while it seems logical that North and South Korea would unite, i personally think that couldn't happen. Mainly because their is a lot of bad blood between them, like North Korea being run by a Communist Dictator...tends to hurt the whole unity thing. Not to mention China doesn't support North Korea anymore. Why? Because they finally found something they really, really, and allying yourself with a wild state like North Korea tends to hamper your progress in getting money.

And Japan? Well, lets say that Racism doesn't only exist in the US and Australia; the Asian countries hold massive hate toward each other. But you know how we see Asians as having squinty eyes and what not? Well that how the Japanese see the Koreans.

Wait, i think i got off track...

pixelsword2653d ago

I'm sorry; allow me to clarify:

Unification through conquest for both South Corea and Japan. Kinda how The United States was Unified after the Civil War.

ASSASSYN 36o2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Ok you misspelled Korea once and I was like that is just an accident. Then you do it multiple times in one comment. Then you do it again in a completely diffrent comment. WTF. Is it that hard!?

pixelsword2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Some Asian Americans (specifically those of Corean descent) consider the spelling with a "K" to be racist and/or offensive.

I try not to offend anyone if possible, not that spelling it with a "K" makes a person a racist.

The fact that even you yourself detected that I used that spelling multiple times should have prompted you to at least look up the word: like you said, is it that hard?

Please educate yourself before posting. It seems like I have to say that in every other N4G thread.

The_Ultimate_Guy2653d ago

@ pixelsword

"Some" not "All" Asian Americans (specifically those of Korean descent) find it racist to use a K instead of a C. Also note that "Some" not "ALL" Asian Americans (specifically those of Korean descent)find it rather rude and ignorant to to spell their country with a C and not a K.

Can't please everyone but at least you can spell "K"orea the way it's spelled on YOUR countries world Map. If your countries world map has a C instead of a K then all the power to you.

ASSASSYN 36o2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

If the primary language on this site was Korean then I would adjust to the most appropiate use of a language to not offend. But the korean girl sitting next to me said your interpentation is wrong. They usually say just 'Hanguk' or even refer to 'Choson' due to mess of translating one word just because of one letter. I do not have a sense of tradition and romanticism for the pre-20th century Korea. So Korea with a "K" is how it shall remain for me and how it will continue to be spelled that way as it was taught to me and coincidently my fellow Americans for over 100 years despite at one time it may have been spelled with a 'C' in the United States. Welcome to American English it changes quite frequently. And it is not considered racists or ingnorant to Koreans who do not hold those romantic ideas of Koreas past after the japanese invasion subsided like you apparently do. Get over it, no amount of media requests will alter the English language. It happens by introduction over time and acceptance. Good luck with that.

pixelsword2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

@ assassin:

Yeah, "my interpretation" is wrong, despite me going to a site ran by Asian-Americans to give my example.

So I guess I made that whole site up just to make a point. Media requests frequently changes the English Language. Just 50 or so years ago, calling African-Americans "colored people" or worse was the norm, guess what media requests did in such a short amount of time for people who are focused and determined to not be belittled in their own homeland? Got it changed not once, but three times in 50 years. So no, you're wrong; standing up for your rights or the rights of others can produce change.

@ Ultimate:

Got a source for that other than just pasting what I typed?

Saying that people are or aren't offended by something without any evidence isn't really a way to convince too many people unless they are willing to believe one thing or another.

"someone sitting next to me" and "some Asian Americans" aren't really cutting it. I'm not saying that either one of you are lying, but having talked to more than one person of Corean-American descent versus someone conveniently placed next to me at the time of an incident or just some random group without intimacy nor reverence makes me not want to change my original stance.

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The_Ultimate_Guy2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

This is NOT likely to happen.